Your Say: Do You Still Read Books?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Caught Reading by Jayel Aheram

Last night I was wondering if there are manny people of the new generation that still read books? I was talking with my friend about this matter…

ME: I was just wondering man, do manny people of our generation like.. still read?

FRIEND: Yea, I still read…

ME: Oh yea? like what?…

FRIEND: Like uhm…. signs and… stuff…

ME: Dude… that’s not reading xD

FRIEND: Oh yea dude? like you still read…

ME: Yeah, of course I read…

FRIEND: Yeah, like what?

ME: Like uhm… forum posts… and… stuff

Do you still read books often? Let me know in your comment.

  • Todd

    I am constantly reading, books, magazines, ebooks. I would be completely lost without a book in my hand.

    I would bet that everyone in this community still reads to a certain extent, you have to if you want to remain employable in this field. You can’t get all the fine details from a video tutorial the way you can from a book.

    • Koen Vendrik

      Well. I don’t completely agree with you here. For example I still read some books about web design once in a while but I mostly watch video tutorial because I’m to lazy 😛 and don’t have much time. And when I read books it are mostly eBooks because I can just download them to my phone and read them whenever I want without the trouble of having to carry paper books around.

  • Matin

    First of all define new generation? I am sure I am not part of it (old fart here lol) but that would make the question more clear.

    Anyway I still read paper books (have hundreds here) but also digital ones. When it comes to books that teach me stuff I prefer paper ones.

  • Koen Vendrik

    Hi Martin,

    Well I’m 17 myself and I notice that for example my parents and other people of their age read a lot of paper books. I however and a lot of my friends and people I know don’t read paper books at all anymore. I would like to read some books once in a while but I just never can find the time…. But great to hear you still read them!

    Kind Regards,
    Koen Vendrik

    • Matin

      17? Gods I wish I was 17 again:-).
      But the fact that you hardly read any paper books surprises me. The fact that you can’t find the time to read a lot of books at all doesn’t. I didn’t read a lot of books at that age either (only really started reading when I was older).

      I don’t think paper books will go any time soon but I do think that digital books will leave paperbooks behind. I seem to remember reading somewhere (not sure though) that Amazon already sells more digital books than paper ones.

    • Koen Vendrik

      Wow, didn’t know Amazon did already sells more digital books then paper ones. But I totally agree. Digital books will probably take over sometime in the future. A lot of people still seems to prefer paper books over digital ones trough…

  • Angela

    I’m 29, I read daily, usually during my lunch as that’s the only time I can fit it in. I read paper books, since I was a little kid, fantasy / scifi / horror / mystery / fiction I own hundreds of books, I read a few a month. I own some ebooks, but all of those are digital painting / web & graphic design / freelance / reference.

    • Koen Vendrik

      Yup the only books I can find time for to read these days are some books about web design like for example the Decoding HTML5 book by Jeffrey Way. I just read some pages of it when I have nothing to do. Really enjoying the book so far btw.

  • rcarmstrong

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, BUT….

    I think the bigger impact of the transition from “print-only” to a more digital environment is the slow degradation of the language (in this case English, but really, any and all languages), particularly in the use of grammar. And I’m not talking about young kids, tweens or teens, either. Folks just a few years younger than I am (I’m creeping up on 40) show signs of either a lack of a command of, or a lack of desire to use, proper grammar.

    That said, I try to read as many books (lately a lot of tech and non-fiction books) as I can get my hands on (usually a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the library), although not nearly as many as I used to (chalk it up to being a working parent, etc.).

    • Matin

      I agree. My native language is Dutch and I see a huge decline in proper Dutch grammar. This decline is most obvious amongst the younger generations, but certainly not limted to it.

  • Ana

    Well, I’m not old but definitely not among the 17ish kids either. Or is 34 old around here 😉 ?
    I love reading and the form is not too important. In general, if I read for pleasure, I prefer paper. If it is work, I prefer digital. The reason is simple, technology is changing so fast that I find it to be wasteful cutting down a tree for a text that will be useless in 12 months. Same goes for magazines.
    As for novels, poetry… the paper and nice cover is important part of complete experience. Oh, I guess I am old :-)

    • Koen Vendrik

      Nah you’re not old. 😛 I agree with your statement about the digital books. I also find digital books more enjoyable since it’s better for the environment and you don’t have to carry paper books around but instead you can just download them to your phone.

  • http://coreymegown,com Corey

    I think a lot of people still read, just not for leisure. It was stated earlier that a lot of people read about new tech or new methods, but I don’t think too many people read for fun in their free time.

    I was brought up by parents who both read a book instead of watching tv, but it too until I was 17 to understand why. If you can find an author whose writing can engage you time and time again – you will read for fun. I picked up my first Dean Koontz book titled “Phantoms” my junior year of high school. Being a HUGE sci-fi nerd I instantly took a liking to the idea of a supernatural thriller I could hold in my hands.

    I’m 24 now and have probably read all of Dean Koontz’ and Stephen King’s books at least twice. I dug up some of my dad’s old Lloyd Alexander books just the other day – time to read some Chronicles of Prydain!

    • Koen Vendrik

      Well, It’s not that I not enjoy reading I just never can find the time to read these days. I can however sometimes find some time to read a book about web design. Must say I enjoy reading the eBooks from tuts+.

  • oakstream

    I’m the son of a high-school English teacher, studied English and History in college, and read every single day. I haven’t made the move to ebooks (something about the feel, smell and heft of print is still better, IMO), but I’m sure I will sooner or later. Audiobooks are for the blind and lazy.

    To say that I feel reading is important to every person and culture is like a doctor suggesting you try breathing and eating. Luckily, I’m not the only one:

    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

    “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” ― Ray Bradbury

    • Koen Vendrik

      Those quotes are pretty old. People didn’t know much without the use of books back then. Now we have TV and Internet which helps us to get know more about the world. I do however agree with the opinion that some books will help you to enlarge your knowledge about humanity and history.

  • Vlad

    Do you still read audio books ? :))

    • Adrian Try

      lol. It’s much debated about whether it’s correct to say you “read” an audiobook, but people say it, and honestly believe they’re reading. 😉

  • Bogz

    I start reading books at age of 19 and still do that. Now i’m 28 and i tried a couple of times to read an ebook but (un)fortunately it’s a “painfull” process for me. For professional education (design / animation) i prefer video tutorials because you can save a lot of time and in my opinion i find it easier.

    From personal experience i have noticed that here in Greece most of the “young” people does not read anymore (hopefully not all). Most of the people watch TV, read a football newspaper, fashion mags etc. To be honest i find this a bit disturbing because without the knownledge of books you have to reinvent the “wheel” and people nowdays doesn’t have much time to think and do that. So by extension somethings stay the same inside and outside.

    Have a nice day! :)