Your Say: Do you prefer dogs or cats?

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It’s time to get controversial, and ask you to answer an important, age-old question. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?

If you love pets, look out for a post (or series of posts) coming next week about the pets of Team Envato. It should be interesting! 😉

  • Debby

    i prefer cats absolutely!!! they are so intriguer and complex, and the same time so lovely and full of tenderness.

    i have a little cat called “renato”, he’s a mix of a lot of cats XD. he always stay whit me when i work, behind the laptop, sometimes he play over the keyboard!!…. well i like dogs to! but the cat its the best friend of a woman (and designer when we need a second opinion lol)

  • Jami Gibbs

    I love both but currently only have a dog:

  • Augustin
  • James Larkin

    I used only be a fan of dogs but then we ended up getting a cat and working from the home office he’s currently correcting me on my work :)

    What started as a silly photoshop movie poster Catatar ..

    … turned into …

  • J

    I neither had dogs nor cats but I suppose they taste worse than chicken

  • quickandeasy

    Dogs all the way!

  • meks

    I prefer dogs. They are real friend to a man…cats be evil sometimes … 😀

  • Patrik Larsson

    Cats, no doubt about it! Me and my girl have three of them 😉

  • Graham

    I am totally a dog person.

  • RedEffect

    Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more :-)

  • stay

    I love cats and dogs. I have a cat.

  • Steve Jones
  • Constantin Potorac

    Dogs… it’s got to be dogs with me. They are so loyal and best friends.

    Unfortunately my dog past away a while back bur if I were to get another pet it will definitely be a dog. 😉

  • Milan Zivkovic
  • artnook

    Definitely a dog. 😉

  • Laura

    Dogs for sure. I love my kitties but my pound pup holds a special place in heart.

  • rcarmstrong

    Dogs. Especially the big, fluffy and occasionally slobbery kind (no yappy little Yorkies for me). :-)

  • Laura


    There is nothing that beats coming home (even after only thirty minutes sometimes) to the raw joy of your dog greeting you.

  • Alex

    I prefer girls 😀 (no offence, just a joke) I Like both 😉

  • Stephen Stick Hazen

    Cats, because mine often act like a cat and a dog. Best of both worlds with my cats! :)

  • Scott Wills


    • lawrence77

      +1 for cats

  • Tina

    Dogs treat you like family, cats treat you like domestic servants :-)

  • Generator

    No contest. Dogs!!!

  • Katie

    Dogs, obviously! Way more loyal, a man’s best friend, and their all so unique and different and I love them. I have 3 dogs, I love them to bits. I still like cats though, I’m just not obsessed with them.

  • haroli

    both are brilliant because they are living things. any thing living has a place in my heart. I love animals from bees to elephants but out of these mine would be DOGS.
    that is purely because of how loyal they are.
    I have had 2 dogs a black lab and now a jack tzu.
    I also am going to open a rescue soon.
    So finally, dogs because of how much they appreciate you,
    just the thought of walking down the stairs in morning to see
    a beatiful dog. thanks.

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  • csseye

    not both actually..but if I’ve to pick one then ‘cats’

  • Lox

    Dogs definitely. I own 2 great danes and they really are gentle gigants

  • http://Hotmail Lewis Broadhurst

    Cats are the best because they are smarter, they can climb and dont eat all the time! they give you more cuddles and is less work than a dog that eats all the time! cats are the best!

  • http://None Milly

    I LOVE dogs! I have two dogs and 1 cat. And my dogs are nicer then my cat.
    If i have to pick, DOGS!

  • http://aol Fernando

    Cats are the perrrrfect pets. They do not require a lot of attention, they are clean,smart and take care of themselves. I also have a Dog and I cannot leave him alone or he will distroy my house so I have to leave him in a Doggie Hotel If I am gone for a few days. I leave fresh water, enough food and a clean litter box and my Cat does just fine!

  • James Frederick

    If i have to choose i’ll choose dogs cause they’re so much loving and attention seekers and love you more then they love themselves while cats prefer to stay alone.i have t a dog couple and i love them so so so much! <3