Your Say: Do you keep a journal?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Journal by CFleenor

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Do you keep a journal? Tell us about it. Ideas for the future or experiences from the past? Business or pleasure? Paper or electronic? How often do you write in it?

  • Jaap Grolleman

    I do, a big Moleskine but also my phone (notes) and loose papers serve as a sort of journal. I type out some things I wrote down and some of them, I either put on my website, Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail them, depending on how long it is, or what it is about. But 90% isn’t published.

  • Justin Michaud

    I do. But I’m not trendy enough to keep a moleskin and say I’m saving it for the right moment or the right drawing… there are cheaper no name journals out there that do the same thing.

    • Justin Michaud

      Oh yeah… both for business and personal. And lately I have been using it every other day.

  • krike

    I actually never took the time to keep a journal. Maybe I should do it… I don’t know. But if I do it will most likely be on my computer.

  • Gabriel

    Tried OhLife for a while, loved the interface, but I just prefer my thoughts in my head and not online or on paper.

  • Scott Lee

    Though I have trouble committing myself to writing enough down. Then I’ll get frustrated with myself for not remember anything. A conundrum for sure.

  • Jesse Desjardins

    It’s all about Evernotes for me. It’s completely changed my life.

  • Margy Rydzynski

    I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 14 years old and I’m in my mid-50s by now. I started with plain pen and paper, then eventually started blogging. I keep a personal blog, a personal-public blog and everything in between.