Your Say: Do you have food or drink on your desk while you work?

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This shot is for my mother. Look! I don't always eat junk food at  work. #newsfromthecube
This shot is for my mother. Look! I don't always eat junk food at work. (By slworking2)

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Do you have food or drink on your desk while you work? What do you have? How much? How often? And how has it affected your… shape?

  • Signa

    Hahaha…yes, I almost always have food on my desk. Usually it’s not quite as healthy as yours though and generally includes a glass of wine (evening) or cup of hot tea (morning). Although today I had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup at my desk….but it was hard to type while I was eating that so I had to watch YouTube videos until it was finished. :)

  • Connor Crosby

    I usually only have food when it’s lunch time. Otherwise it’s mostly a drink.

  • Japh

    Wow, the timing of this article, it’s like you’re watching me!!

    I have food at my desk occasionally when it’s lunchtime. Otherwise, no.

    Snacking + Desk job + Lack of exercise = Badness

  • Bryce Wisekal

    All too often I’d say! Although not often is it food but rather COFFEE! Oye! I’d die without my coffee! It’s a vital key to my survival! :)

  • Brandon Diaz

    Every day my desk starts off nice and tidy, and progressively gathers Rockstar cans and tea cups by the day’s end.

  • Eliffio

    I never have food on my desk. What I do have is a 1lt. water bottle which I refill several times a day.

  • Seich

    There’s often a can of canada dry on my desk along with some chips if I am bored and feel like chewing something…

  • Lucas

    I’m from Santa Fe, Argentina so when i work i usually drink Mate. It’s great company..

    Who doesn’t know mate:


  • Chris

    I only keep water or tea at my desk.

  • ConnorTunbull

    I always have a can of Pepsi on my desk and they pile up. Sometimes I play bowling with the empty ones!

  • SriGanesh.M

    Always have a Water bottle and Coffee sometime. If i have snack in my desktop, i can`t concentrate on work, ill do finish the snacks and do the work.

    Fav = Chocolate cake and biscuits. with large coffee !

  • Adi

    Just mineral water, and that’s enough :) for the sake of health and to lose fat 😀

  • Ryan

    I try to keep food and drink away from my desk while I’m working. It’s too easy to spill something or get crumbs stuck in your keyboard.

    That being said, I usually start my morning off with some breakfast in front of the computer so I can catch up on my feeds and emails. So far, I still have a clean desk and working computer :)

  • Kate

    Urgh I snack so badly at work. I’ll usually be eating tic tacs, muesli bars, I’ve been hooked on bringing in a pre-sliced apple, pick-able cereal, or anything bite-sized. Just something to munch on. Horrible habit I picked up on whilst working retail and doing 8+ hour shifts with potentially no breaks.

    I always have a bottle of water and sometimes juice (free drinks provided by work), so there’s always food/drink scattered across my desk :)

    I’m much better whilst working from home though. Figure that out, eh?

  • MKnowles

    Yeah… I do. Its led to quite a few anxious moments over the years but I cant help it

  • Justin Sternberg

    Coffee!! Actually, I switched to decaf because of the amount of coffee I drink every day! Other than that, not much else.

  • Peter Faarup

    I do often have food on my desk. It had not affected my shape yet, bit I think it can be quite bad for my concentration. I take eating as a break, eating and breaks keeps up the good work :)

  • Shameer

    Yes. I always keep something to drink on my table.

  • Nikhil

    No, I wont mess up my work with food, often you may find a cup of black tea ! But I will take short breaks to take some snacks 😀

  • Kuswanto

    Only drinks, water or coffee. No snacks or meals.

    Snacks or meals make my keyboard and Wacom tablet dirty.

  • Randy

    Almost always.. My day starts off nice and tidy with nothing on it except my morning coffee to get me going then by the end of the day i usually have a mix of AMP Energy Drinks, Coke Cans, 7UP, and water. and usually about 5-7 little baggies of Fruit Snacks. Coding makes me hungry/thirsty.

  • BroOf

    Mostly only a water bottle but sometimes also some snacks :)

  • tomez

    I drink water (I think the cleaned water is the healthy and best tasting). I have a glass bottle wich is around 1 liter.

    I juice lemon into the bottle. Water + lemon. Thats’s fine and healthy. (No sugar)

  • Jon

    Coffee first thing, then water, with breakfast, then wine in the evening. No exercise, my body has suffered over the last year!

  • MSFX

    I eat all day long 😀 I keep my desk clean and tidy though, no crumbs :)

  • Werner Bihl

    I always have a “Snack-a-juice” fruit juice next to my screen with a few dozen packs of noodles in the drawer

  • Vaynah

    Food on the desk?? I though it was a must :)

  • Dustin

    Only drinks. Eating a lot + desk job = baadddd. If theres food laying nearby is tends to disappear while I’m distracted ha. I eat more out of boredom than from hungar :p.

  • Vanessa

    It depends entirely on whether or not the kids are home. If they *are* then, no, because having anything on my desk is an accident waiting to happen.

    If they’re not home, then I keep whatever healthy snackage I’m into within arms reach.

  • Christian

    A Venti latte and a bottle of water. No food.

  • rafael armstrong

    Talk about timely (sine I’m having lunch while I read today’s feeds).

    I always have both coffee and water on my desk when I work. At the day job, however, I also keep a stash of (usually) somewhat healthy snacks in my desk (that way I avoid hitting the vending machine and it’s siren song of chips and candy bars.

  • Duotive

    I have a lot of drinks on my desk when i work. I need a fresh body to have a fresh mind.:)

  • puzz1e

    Coffee :)

  • VF

    Water bottle, rarely few bananas and very rarely biscuit pocket before ants start marching.

  • Bryan Barrera

    I usually have a bottled water and some peeled organic carrots next to me :)

  • Mark Dijkstra

    I do drink and eat at my desk, I even eat my diner at my desk :$

  • Buzzrocket

    My coke and my cigarettes, thats it 😀

  • Robin Jennings

    I am currently staring at; a jar of mixed nuts- for when I’m hungry but too busy to move, litre water, 12 chocolate wrappers (contents now smeared on my face), 1/2 a box of crackers, and 2 carrots (just so when my wife badgers me about eating healthy I can produce evidence)