Welcome Chaman Sidhu!

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Chaman Sidhu is joining Envato as our Legal Director!
Chaman is a lawyer with an impressive background in Intellectual Property Law (IP). Her last job, working for Lonely Planet, involved creating a strong legal team to support and strengthen the company. Moving into a role at Envato marks a change for Chaman, who says she is ready for a new challenge.

“At the moment I’m just getting my head around the pieces of the puzzle that are Envato, it’s smaller than Lonely Planet but I already feel like there is a lot of potential here to grow and really create a presence. There is a feeling of success at what has been achieved and a sense of more to come!”

The best part about Chaman joining Envato is that her presence will benefit the entire community. When she started with Lonely Planet, Chaman single handedly launched the legal department, taking the company from strength to strength. There is no doubt she’s planning something similar for Envato. Sitting comfortably with a cup of tea, Chaman says she enjoys working with creative companies because it allows you to be so much more involved.
“I love working for a company. It means you can apply Intellectual Property Law at a broader level, it helps companies move forward and achieve.”
She has only been at Envato four days but already it is clear that Chaman is passionate about what she does,

“I love IP Law, the subject matter is really interesting.”

As the Envato Legal Director, Chaman will work to improve our licensing system, make sure all our contracts are fair and make sense legally, update our usage terms, promotions and legal policy. She will also work to update and maintain our data use and privacy policy.

Impressed by Envato’s forward thinking, Chaman observes,”most companies would have waited another five years to bring in a legal department.”
“Working with a company like Envato is complex because there are so many different aspects, starting now means the legal side can fit into the dynamics of the company.”

When she’s not being a gun lawyer, Chaman spends her time with her two children and husband. She’s a self confessed foodie and is always thinking about her next meal, which probably means lots of delicious home cooking.

“I love food, I am always thinking about it.”

As I scribble down the last notes, our newest recruit checks her watch and says “isn’t it time for Chendo’s birthday cake?”
It is obvious she is going to fit right in.

From everyone in the community lets give Chaman a big Envato welcome!

If you would like to read more about Chaman you can read an article about her time at Lonely Planet.

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    Welcome to the team, Chaman!

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    Glad to have you on the team, Chaman! Welcome!

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    Welcome to the team, Chaman! :-)

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    Welcome to Chaman, very excited to have you on the team!! :-)

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    Welcome Chaman! Food and travel are two of my favourite things. We’ll have to chat :)

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    Hi Charman,
    that was an interesting interview… and a very important job you have there. I wish you many happy years at Envato.

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    Hey welcome to aboard! Glad to have you on the team.

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    Welcome Chaman! Amazing profile! :)

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    Hey Chaman welcome and greetings from Venezuela. :)

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    I’m a bit late, but welcome Chaman! It’s been great chatting with you in the office, glad to have you on board :)

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    Welcome Chaman! I haven’t said hi to yet since I’ve been on vacation but will tomorrow 😛