Wavy Gravy—Extreme Slow Mo in Apple Motion

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Wavy Gravy – Who Needs Twixtor? 2000 FPS+ With Apple Motion

Using a Canon 7D at 59.94 frames/second then timed in Apple Motion using Optical flow. No rotoscoping or masking. The slowest footage was slowed down to about 2% or 3% speed.

Thanks to Matt Wiebe for grinding it out that day. He can do flippier tricks, but I needed straight airs to avoid the wavy gravy. :)

I have nothing against Twixtor, just can’t afford it. Thank you to CrumplePop for the Motion Tutorial.


  • http://envato.com Adrian Try

    Thanks for the video, Paul. It’s amazing!

  • http://www.janiklipke.com Janik

    Well Done, this Looks almost Perfect with just a little Bit of artifacts but perfectly Filmed though.
    I have also tried my luck with the 7D and some confetti Action but wasn’t that pleased with the resulting artifacts.
    Good Job

    • http://vimeo.com/25909120 paul

      Thanks Janik! I think a couple times I had trees or power lines in the BG and they didnt help!! I found static motion through the air turned out best. I have some kickflips etc that actually look pretty wonky…they never made the cut!


  • James

    Wow! That was fun! This looks really awesome.

    I can’t believe the power that a single human being with vision has nowadays with the help of DSLR and home edit systems! The power to entertain! ..and I don’t even like skateboarding!!!

    good job!


  • http://vimeo.com/25909120 paul

    Thank you James!

  • http://kailoon.com kailoon


    • http://vimeo.com/25909120 paul

      : – )

  • Chris Janzen

    I thought this looked all to familiar. Representing Winnipeg!

    • http://vimeo.com/25909120 paul

      You bet! I love this city!

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