Want to be a Community Moderator?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Are you a fine upstanding citizen in the Envato Community?
Do you like helping those in need?
We Want You!
We are looking for some community moderators to help keep the Envato forums a great place to be.

The position is voluntary and involves keeping an eye out for other people in the community and helping where you can.

What are we looking for?

Anyone is free to apply to become a community moderator for one of the marketplaces. Ideally, the nominees will meet the following criteria:

  • Existing forum users that have experience with the community.
  • Users that have consistently displayed a positive and helpful attitude on the forums and Marketplaces.
  • Users that have a firm grasp on the English language and can communicate clearly.
  • The desire to be part of an awesome community at Envato!

To be clear, this is not a paid position, the community moderator position is completely voluntary, and is best suited for users that spend time on the forums and would like to help. That said, you will receive some moderator privileges, and of course badges, status and the chance to get to know the staff and the community a bit more than you do already.

If you are interested in being a moderator, getting a new badge and being just plain awesome

fill out this form with your details.

We spoke to one of our favourite mods and past community and forum superstar Jami Gibbs, for some practical tips on how to be a top mod.

What do you like about being a mod?

I think the best thing about becoming a mod is having a greater sense of being part of the amazing Envato community.  Of course, everyone should feel a part of the community regardless of if they’re an author, buyer, or mod because of how welcoming members are and the positive environment. But becoming a moderator made me feel even more committed to the community which is a really great feeling.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a mod?

A positive attitude goes a long way.  In situations where emotions are running high, the best thing to do is to approach it with patience and a positive attitude.   Oh, and make sure that you’re very familiar with the forum rules, the wiki, and past threads.  You’re gonna need those links handy often. :)

What, in your opinion, are the most important qualities for a mod to display?
Patience and an intense desire to help other people. 

  • http://davgothic.com David Hancock

    I was about to apply when I saw that I must confirm I have read the “Community Moderator Expectations” document.

    Could you post a link to the document please?

    • Carmen

      You can access the Community Moderator Handbook here- [link removed]

    • Travis King

      Sorry the guidebook is only needed for those who get picked for moderators, you don’t need to read it to apply :)

      I took down the wiki article and the reference to it. Thanks.

  • http://laranzjoe.blogspot.com lawrence77

    to see JamiGibbs link… http://codecanyon.net/admin/user_manager/show?user=JamiGibbs

    i need Admin access, when will i get that 😀

    • Drew Douglass

      Whoops, wrong URL. Fixed, thanks Lawrence!

  • http://magazine.wpcrown.com Alex

    When the moderators will be chosen? :)

  • http://codecanyon.net/user/samberson Sam Berson

    Hey there.

    I’d love to become a Community Moderator!

    When will Envato next be looking for Moderators?

    Sam :)

    • http://envato.com Adrian Try

      Hi Sam. This is quite an old post, and I’m not sure if anyone will notice your comment. I’ll email your kind offer through to Carmen.