Using Vimeo Embeds in Item Previews – And Why Our Community Rocks!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

We recently made a post about how and when to use embedded videos from social video sites, as part of our ongoing series about our Content Policy and using assets in marketplace items.

You can find that post here. Now we, like our authors, really like Vimeo! But unfortunately their terms of service are quite strict when it comes to saying no to all ‘commercial’ use of Vimeo.  That’s why in our previous post we thought it best to recommend not to use Vimeo embeds in your marketplace items.

And that’s where our fantastic, engaged community comes in.  Thanks to our author CodingJack, who took the initiative to discuss this with Vimeo, Vimeo has clarified that they are OK with authors using embeds from Vimeo. Here is how to do it:

  1. Only use Vimeo embed in your item preview (or live demo).
  2. Only use the embed to show how the item can be functional with a Vimeo embed when implemented by the buyer.
  3. Only use Vimeo videos that comply with Vimeo’s content guidelines (see and don’t use content that is selling a product or service. (Even if content like that is on Vimeo, it may not yet have been picked up and removed by Vimeo yet, so your best bet would be to avoid it.)

We’re not sure who to love more – CodingJack and our community, or Vimeo!

Questions or something to say?  Fire away in the comments!

  • Erick Ragas

    please and also

    Because this tool is very important for create tutorials for our Templates.

  • Quickandeasy

    Was a great shout from Codingjack to get-up-n-go ask about that.

    I would never have thought to be that proactive.

    It would’ve been a shame not to see something as integral as Vimeo not previewed in items (their player is sooo much nicer than Youtubes, right?) and they’re focused on the creative community – so again, big shout to Codingjack!

  • Atelier_Jloupf

    Thank you for that!

    The link of guidelines is broken. Here is the good one :

    • Adrian Try

      Thanks for that correction, Atelier. I updated the link.