US Team Meetup and PressNomics

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for some of our Envato staff. Mactuts+ editor Josh Johnson met up with some other team members in America. Collis, Cyan and Fuad Ta’eed were also there for the PressNomics conference, it was obviously the place to be! As well as working and enjoying the scenery, many of them headed to the PressNomics 2012 WordPress event to hear Collis was speak.

Josh gave us a few insights into his trip, along with a bunch of good photos. You can check them out below.

Josh’s experience:
This month, some of the Envato remote folks from the United States met up with Collis, Cyan and Fuad in Chandler, Arizona. We planned on working together, but the hotel wifi was down, so we all stared at our screens for a few minutes, then closed the laptops and went out for an awesome lunch.

The U.S. attendees included Josh Johnson (Mactuts+), Jeffrey Way (Nettuts+), Jon Farmer (Support), Kevin Whipps (iPhone.AppStorm), and Brian Fodness (Support).

Jeff, Josh and the Ta’eeds stuck around for a few days to attend PressNomics, where Collis gave a presentation on how he started and built Envato into the awesome company that we all know and love.

  • purethemes

    Is the Collis’ presentation available somewhere? Or will be?

    • Adrian Try

      I’ve searched around, and it doesn’t look like it. If someone comes across it, please leave a comment!

    • cyan

      Stay tuned purethemes – it will be going up next week! 🙂

    • Adrian Try

      Woohoo! If it’s possible we’ll repost it here on Notes.

  • This Envato store that’s been kicked around for so long needs to happen to I can get one of those shirts Collis is wearing.