Unofficial UK Meetup – August 11/12th in Birmingham, England

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UK Meetup Birmignham

In case you’ve been living under a large rock, or in Scotland, you’ve probably heard mention of the unofficial UK Community Meetup that is coming together on August 11/12th in Birmingham, England. Here’s all the details:

When, Where, Wha?

When: August 11/12th 2012.

Where: Birmingham, England.

Wha?: Check out the attending thread or the PDF that MSFX (Matt) has put together if you’re planning on going. The night sounds like it will contain tons of laughs mixed with small doses of intense, overpowering terror. Pretty much a typical night out for the Brits.

It also looks like our Envato resident royal Michael James Williams will be attending as well. Be sure to ask Michael about the time he pantsed the Earl of Sandwich during the Ceremony of the Keys. You should have seen Elizabeth’s face!

Here’s some words of wisdom from MJW as well:

If you’re staying in a hotel overnight, we recommend the Hampton by Hilton, simply because it’s cheap and a few of us are already staying there. RSVP on the Google+ event or the forum thread.

I really, really wish I could have attended. It sounds like they are in for a great time. So if you’re in the area, put your name down and be sure to bring a camera.

Then chuck that camera into the Thames.

  • Hope to see some of you there! 🙂

  • Libel!

  • Wish I could have made it! Sounds like they had a blast! 😉