Top 10 Envato Notes Topics for 2012

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Image from PhotoDune.

Today is the last day of 2012, and it’s fading quickly. Like the hand-written “2012” in the sand in the image above, it won’t be around for much longer. And looking back, it’s been an amazing year!

This year we’ve launched new sites, added new categories to the marketplaces, hired many new people, and said farewell to a few old friends. We’ve had meetups around the world, including KL, the US and the UK. We’ve celebrated victories, and learned from our mistakes. I hope you’ve had a great year too, and are looking forward to 2013 with hopes and dreams.

As I look through the analytics for Notes, there are 10 things that have grabbed your attention this year. Can you guess what they are? Check them out.

1. 50% Marketplace Credit Back

Giving money back always seems to be popular. Three times this year we’ve given you back half of everything you spent – on 3DOcean files, vectors, and PhotoDune images. Judging by the pageviews on our announcements, you heard the news with great enthusiasm!

Here are the posts:

2. Power Elite Author Days

Authors work incredibly hard to create, market and support their items. Well, there’s nothing more encouraging than hearing that an author has sold a million dollars worth of items. Every time that happens we celebrate, and the community celebrates with us with a huge outpouring of positive comments of congratulations.

I’d like to congratulate those authors again – Peerapong, Orman Clark, Internq7 and GoodLayers – who joined our first Power Elite Author Kriesi, who became the first to sell one million dollars worth of items in December 2011.

Who’s next? I’m looking forward to a new surge of successful Power Elite authors in 2013!

3. Posts from our Developers

One thing I love about Envato is our huge team of amazing developers. Earlier this year in Kuala Lumpur I discovered they’re not just smart, they’re tall – many of them towering above my 6’2″. I’ve never felt so small!

From time to time they manage to take a break from their coding to write something on Envato Notes. And every time their posts have received a lot of interest from the community. I’m hoping we hear a lot more from them in 2013!

You can check out all of our dev posts in our Developers category.

4. Posts on Intellectual Property

Nothing is more important than intellectual property law than those who are invested in… intellectual property. Our authors!

This year our amazing Melbourne team have put a lot of effort into communicating with you clearly, precisely and practically about just that – including how to respect the rights of others. And you appreciated it, with a huge number of pageviews for each of those posts, accompanied by many comments offering thanks and asking for further clarification.

You can check them out again here:

5. New Marketplace Categories

Marketplaces change. New technologies, products and opportunities arise. And our marketplaces react proactively by creating new categories, and encouraging new content to be created.

Our announcements of new categories always get a lot of interest from the community – especially from those authors who can take advantage of them.

6. Freebie Posts

One of the most-appreciated things that Envato does is to offer a free item from each marketplace each month. It’s great for the community, and gives good exposure to the authors as well. There are comments of appreciation for this every month.

Besides free marketplace items, we also let you know about other freebies that are around, whether they’re free apps covered by the AppStorm sites, freebies on Creattica, or freebies offered by members of the community. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to our huge warehouse of freebies in 2012.

Check out all our freebie posts here.

7. Envato Extras – Handy Tools and Add-ons

From time to time a community member will invent a handy new software tool, and you all get really excited. It might be a new way of seeing how much you’ve made on the marketplaces this month, or a crazy way of getting audio feedback every time you make a sale. You authors love this sort of thing.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed a new tool in 2012. And you’ll find all our extras at

8. Posts from the Community

In 2012 we opened up the doors for the community to submit posts on Envato Notes, and many of you responded to the invitation. Some of these posts really resonated with the community, with huge pageviews and many comments. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

9. Your Say Posts

Week by week we’ve given you an opportunity to have your say, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you better. We’ve asked about where you live, what apps you use, what pets you have, and whether you prefer tea or coffee. We’ve asked easy questions, hard questions, open-ended questions, and run polls. It’s been a blast!

In 2013 we’re going to move most of our more interactive posts to the forums. That’s a great place to discuss things, and I look forward to getting to know you all even better in 2013.

10. Posts About Security

Earlier this year we had a huge opportunity to learn from our mistakes. While I don’t want to dwell on that, I do want to say how proud I am personally of the way Envato handled the situation, and of you the community for your support. Not to mention your very honest feedback.

And our ability to learn and move ahead like we have gives me a great sense of hope and excitement about the future. 2013 is going to be a great year. See you then!

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