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Education by Sean MacEntee

I’m following with interest the results of our recent poll about how you stay current with your education. Blogs are by far the most common way you keep up-to-date with our ever-changing world.

Our Tuts+ Premium team are an amazing bunch of people who are experts in educating via blogs. I don’t know if you’ve discovered their blog yet (, but it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s an outlet for the team to discuss all kinds of issues – most often education.

Here’s a collection of seven of their most interesting thoughts about getting the best blog education you can.

1. What We Should Have Learned in College


If you’re like me, you spent a lot of time in the university learning all the wrong lessons. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely loved college and think it’s a valuable achievement that’s enriched my noggin in so many ways. I went to university for an education in media and communication. Since I didn’t necessarily want to be a traditional journalist or artist, I ended up in the technical communication subset of the English department. A techie in a room full of literature professors–I don’t have to tell you what an odd duck I was. However, I liked it so much I stayed for two degrees and taught courses as a graduate student. I encourage everyone to explore degree programs and see if it’s right for them. College and education in general is awesome; the reason I love Tuts+ Premium is because I believe everyone deserves an education.

But I spent a lot of time learning the wrong lessons.
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2. The “Aha” Moment


It’s a special kind of feeling; programmers know it quite well. It’s that moment – typically late into the night, while the rest of the world is asleep – when, suddenly, you “get” it.

Specifically what “it” is doesn’t really matter; the only thing that does is that an epiphany just occurred – and nobody knows it but you. And my goodness is it an amazing feeling! It’s late to the point of being early, you’re exhausted, but, despite all of that, it’s still, without question, an amazing moment.
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3. My 5 Favorite Creatives on YouTube


There’s an amazing amount of creative work and video content out there, and it’s part of my job to stay on top of it. We obviously hope your favorite video learning content is right here on Tuts+ Premium, but there’s so much creativity on YouTube we’ve got to share some of our lunchtime favorites for fellow creatives and geeks alike. And don’t forget to check out the end to see who we’ve recruited for Tuts+ Premium!
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4. How Choosing an Idol Helps You Learn Faster


Learning any complex skill is hard. It’s hard to know where to start, what to learn, and in what order to learn it. You have an end-goal in mind, but knowing how to get there is the hard part.

One thing that I’ve started to do whenever trying to learn a skill is to find an idol: someone who has already reached my end goal. I try to find out everything about them that I can. How did they start? What skills do they have? How do they practice? What tools do they use? Where did they learn what they know?
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5. Minimalist Learning


Minimalism: unless you’re a regular reader of blogs like Zen Habits or The Minimalists, the word probably conjures up images of empty rooms, endless whitespace, and industrial starkness. But beyond a design movement, minimalism has become a way of living for some, a rebellion against unbridled consumerism and information overload. At its core, minimalists are devoted to creating a life dedicated to the essential and meaningful, and ruthlessly eliminating everything else.

If you ever feel like your life is full of too much ‘stuff’, be it physical objects you don’t value, interruptions to your focus, or timesinks that don’t enrich your life, the ideas of minimalism might appeal to you.
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6. Only the Educated are Free



Only the educated are free. – Epictetus

When I graduated from grad school, my father gave me a coffee cup and trivet gift. On both were that quote: “Only the educated are free.” The roots of that quote were in Epictetus’ life. He was born a greek slave. We quite literally don’t know his real name because “epíktetos” simply means “accquired.” But, because his master allowed him to study with philosophers, he was eventually able to rise to privilege through the educated elite of ancient Greece, became a noted stoic philosopher. Learning, quite literally, set him free.

Epictetus’ story has been going through my head quite a bit lately, as I’ve reflected on education here at Tuts+ Premium and the liberties my own continued learning has given me.Continue Reading…

7. Don’t Worry. We All Feel Overwhelmed


If I could only offer one piece of advice to a new web development student, it would be: “don’t worry; we all feel overwhelmed.” I’d then remind him or her that I, too, am still a student, and so are all of my peers. This industry is an incredibly tough one that requires constant continued education throughout your career. You better be okay with this truth.
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