The Envato Marketplaces –
More Delicious Than Ever!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

The Envato marketplaces never looked so delicious! Baked by Senior Support/Copyright Officer Ibrahim Rodriguez’s wife Nathalie, this tiny cake features edible logos of each marketplace. Read on for more, and photos from every angle.

Nathalie has recently started to study Cake Craft and Decoration. When it came time to bake a cake, her inspiration came from Envato. She explains:

It is just appreciation for the wonderful job we have and also a nice way to say thanks for everything that Envato has done for us.

That’s fantastic, Nathalie. I’m still awaiting my invitation for the cake-eating event. Judging by the photos, there won’t be a lot to go around.

This isn’t the first time that an Envato spouse has been inspired to be creative with our logos. Last year Aetuts+ editor Adam Everett Miller’s wife Katie redecorated his office wall with Tuts+ logos. Check out the photo here.

Back to the cake – here are the rest of the photos:

  • Ivor

    The eagle looks so badass! Amazing job Nat.

    Unfortunately this is the last time we’ll see this cake, Ibrahim ate it all.

  • Jami

    That is the cutest little cake ever!!!

  • Mehmet Sali

    Nice :)

  • NikiN

    Looks very good :)

  • osunoo

    What a happy life,love envato!