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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

If you’re a regular GraphicRiver user you may have noticed that a new category has appeared in the menu – Logo Templates. It’s a bit of a controversial category to launch, in fact we’ve had a few lively threads on the forums already in response to it!

The Envato Marketplaces let authors sell virtually every type of creative asset imaginable. In fact we are constantly adding new classes of digital goods and expanding into new areas. Selling some form of stock logos has been on the books for some time, as there are some rather large libraries around online that seem to indicate that it’s something both authors and buyers are interested in.

Logos as stock, however, is tricky for a number of reasons. The primary one is that for a regular branding and logo design job, there is much more than just picking out a neat little icon and arranging it with some text. A logo designer needs to deliver a solution that reflects the unique business and branding issues of the project.

Moreover a logo is something that is meant to represent a business and potentially be trademarked. So how can multiple businesses use the same imagery?

After a lot of internal debate and research, we have come to the conclusion that both issues can be addressed and we are beginning our foray into the controversial world of logo templates. Let me explain.

Logo Templates Suit Certain Situations

For many years prior to Envato I worked as a professional designer both at agencies and freelance, and during that time did work for clients as varied as multi-nationals, government, small business, non-profits, and just about everything in between.

If there was one thing I learned, it’s that there are a million types of project (and client). And importantly each project has different requirements and different budgets.

Logo templates are for a particular end of the market – namely the low budget end. Frankly if a client has a decent budget for a logo, I highly recommend hiring a designer and getting a good piece of custom work done. And, no I don’t mean running a logo contest! :-) If you’re stuck finding a designer, you can always post a job ad up on our sister site FreelanceSwitch which is home to some fantastic talent!

But for situations where there is little or no budget, then we are hoping to offer a very viable alternative solution – a self-serve, non-exclusive logo template for a very affordable price of $29.

What kinds of uses could these have? Here are some places where a visual identity was needed, that I have personally dealt with:

  • One-off events – I have made little logos for quite a number of conferences where there needed to be some sort of brand, but it was basically a throw-away at the end of the event.
  • Internal projects – Not every project is for the world to see. Oftentimes companies and organizations have projects with limited audiences but still need a visual identity.
  • Non-profit and community projects – I’m not sure why, but I get roped into non-profit projects constantly, from religious organizations to sporting teams to open source projects, and most of the time I am replacing some nasty bit of MS Word art that was the previous ‘logo’. Hopefully in future I’ll be replacing at least something which is a bit nicer than Word Art – no offence Microsoft!
  • Little businesses with no budget – Every freelancer has turned away a project where the client just couldn’t afford their services. To some extent this is just the cost of doing business, but there is space for an interim step while the business is getting started.
  • Highly local or otherwise limited reach businesses – Uniqueness is extremely important for the logo of a business like Envato because we operate on a global stage. The other day I was searching vacation homes just out of town for a little holiday. This is an example of a small, often family run business where the reach is very limited. In this case the logo only needs to be unique in a very small pond.
  • Speculative new businesses – I have a few friends exploring launching internet businesses. They each have little to no budget, and have very little idea if their intended business will gain any traction online at all. In these cases they need a polished logo, but depending on the situation may not be practical for them to invest in having custom branding developed. Often they couldn’t even if they wanted to because they haven’t defined their business idea enough to brief a designer effectively. In that case I suggest a polished interim stock solution, followed by the investment in custom design once they have defined their business and have a good idea they will get a return on investment.

Anyhow those are a few cases that I can think that a logo template could be a good solution. And there are lots of situations where a logo template is probably the wrong solution too! And for those there are plenty of better options ranging from freelance designers to the big branding agencies.

Logo Plans on the Marketplaces

Since we launched a couple of weeks ago, the sales on the logo templates category have been a lot higher than I think any of us had expected. We’ve had a very quiet launch with the category currently tucked away under the ‘more’ menu, and no mention in our newsletter or any other of our regular launch channels (until this post).

Despite that in two weeks we’ve seen about 150 logos sold. It’s quite exciting to see, and bodes well for the category!

Over the next couple of months we’re working on building up content and slowly spinning up promotions to see how the new items fare. And then we have plans for building an ‘exclusive logo’ system for one-off purchases for buyers who have a bit more budget, but still not enough to go fully custom.

We’re also building up not just single logo templates, but some very flexible logo maker packs like this one. The more flexibility there is in these template packs, the more useful they will be to a larger set of people.

What are your thoughts?

So that’s my take and why I feel OK about us moving into this area. What are your thoughts? Do you think there is enough flexibility in the designs on sale to allow for buyers to tweak and use? Do you see logo templates on GraphicRiver taking off?

  • Odysseus

    Glad to hear about the one-purchase option rolling out soon. I don’t mind this category so much now.

    • Raj Mehta

      Great that logo will also be available at graphicriver


  • Martin

    A good use of them could also be on ThemeForest in authors themes in the demo sites πŸ˜‰
    I always seem to struggle to come up with something eye catching and unique.

    • Diana Hernandez

      Totally agree, but it is necesary to buy the extended license to include the logo in the downloadble files?

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  • Joe

    $29 per a coupe of simple vectors? You sure? =\

    Do you really think the logo template may cost like a HTML or WordPress template?

    • Adrian

      The price reflects creativity, you don’t need to be all that creative to code a html page. While when you do a logo it require some artistic thought.

    • Joe

      …you don’t need to be all that creative to code

      LOL πŸ˜€

      I had a similar thoughts when I was just a designer. I’ve changed my opinion when I became a programmer. Make a logo design is much easier than to make a professional code. However, designers do not agree with me πŸ˜‰

    • DB

      @ Joe…

      Ill agree with ya on that! Although im still new to graphic design, but have messed with coding (Just to get a feel for it) & after about a month I came to the conclusion, i want nothin to do with coding!! lol…

      I really dont find the pricing to be all that bad, but do agree as theres alot of time & work put into coding. While at the same time, these are 2 different things (Coding/HTML & Logo Graphics). Each take a valuable amount of time, but to a person who knows the pricing & is looking for one particular solution, then pricing goes out the window as the person knows they are getting a deal! Just my opinion..

  • Lance Snider

    The price has a lot to do with the license and its flexibility. As long as it’s only being used by for a single company, one purchase can be used in any number of applications (website, business cards, etc.) and by an unlimited number of users within that company.

    By the way, I have to agree with Joe, coding takes a lot more creativity than you might expect. :)

    • Daniel

      I agree with you and joe. A website is design+code, you just cant do 1. Even when im a designer and not a code i know that a website is MUCH MORE work than a logo.
      The only thing i dont like is this:
      I will earn $8,75 per sale with my first wordpress theme, coz i will split 50/50 with the coder but i dont have to split earnings with a logo, so i can earn $14.5 per logo sell.
      $8.75 for much more work and $14.5 for less work?
      if logos in the near future sells as wordpress themes sells i think i will consider to do just logos. Less work and more earnings πŸ˜€

      Dont misunderstand me, im not saying a logo dont need a lot of work, i know a logo requiere creativity and many work, i just think a site template or a wordpress theme requires much more work than a logo.

      What do you think guys?

  • kailoon

    It is a fantastic add-on for GraphicRiver and I really enjoy reviewing the logo templates! πŸ˜€

    @Joe, I still believe that the designer and programmer are equally important for any creative projects.

  • Taras

    I think this is a good beginning of a great cause.

  • Zuhair

    Yeah its very nice to hear about the one buy option you planning to provide, ( but isn’t that conflicting with envato marketplaces strategy : bulk sales, Low prices ?)

    it is nice to have this option,
    Al though I prefer to give the author the right to decide if he wants this option be available for every particular logo, or give the author the possibility to decide the price of the logo and you can reject the project if you think its estimated higher or lower than than usual price. with a little flexibility from your side.

    The main thing, I think you have to find a fare approach to both clients and authors.

  • Zuhair

    further to the discussion above about the current price, i think you made a great decision, this is what i thought it will be from the beginning 25 $ – 40$. in this range.

  • cidepix

    hello Collis,

    just wanted to ask if the commission rates for this category are the same?

    I don’t believe that pixellogo agreed to get %25 only.. I know that they are not exclusive either so what’s the deal with them?..


  • itscroma

    Actually I had a couple of doubts before sending some items to the category, but now all of them has been cleared with this.


  • Koka Koala

    What if seeing two different companies that they have a fairly equal logo?

  • VWM

    I’m a designer and coder and I understand when one might think that coding is a bit simpler, but I think its simpler in theory only because you have to be more creative in providing options and different applications of your code in a website template more so than creating an effective logo design…

    Meanwhile I think that most designers don’t understand the perspective of the coder because we have to basically be good at many creative disciplines in order to be successful…not just design…

  • Daniel Keller

    I like the one-off logo purchase marketplace idea

    but excuse me Collis, if I don’t get the point……..

    let’s look at it like that: envato sells logo templates, big sales… first problems appear, companies complain to each other having the same logo…. companies going to push shapes around and create horrible logos, it doesn’t even matter then, it’s just a symbol without any meaning… that other guy which probably is an totally other area working has the similar logo

    where’s the creativity in all that? do we really want to spread the same logos in masses only to make a bit cash? you can’t sell 1 genius concept to 1000 people and still say that it’s unique, not anymore if 1000 people use the same, like giving them a do-it-yourself kit and say “do it the way you like”…. it’s wrong in so many ways

    a logo is not just a symbol, it’s not just cover something or to simply “have one”… it’s a Mark which is specialized and formed to fit the company the right way, get it?

    • John

      @ John –

      the only place creativity belongs in business is in the marketing of it.

      Companies will NEVER complain about having a similar logo as someone else. Businesses don’t talk to each other.

      As far as successfully growing a company goes, the logo doesn’t matter a single bit. what really matters is how well the company is marketed – how many new customers they can acquire – and at what profit margin.

      if noobs want to buy a logo from Collis, I say rock on πŸ˜€

    • DB

      @ John…

      “Companies will NEVER complain about having a similar logo as someone else. Businesses don’t talk to each other.

      As far as successfully growing a company goes, the logo doesn’t matter a single bit.”

      Want wanna rethink that statement!! Im only going to use one major company as an example “Apple”.. Do some research, they have sued & taken plenty!! Of people/company’s to court because their logo was an apple! Now, with that being said, “Apple” was not the first to use an apple as a logo..

  • ian

    My company hosts 2 events/year and each event has a new theme and this category works great.

    Price is just right. I think its high, but I understand that it is priced for its ability to be unique and precise.

    Excellent Launch.

  • derek

    Nobody cares about a flexible logo template that allows you to have multiple logos. Why do I need the ability to have 10 different logos for my company? That doesn’t make sense and as you can clearly see, that logo with multi variations has had ZERO SALES!!!

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  • Faraz Ahmad

    Great Category, we love it. Thanks.