Ruby, the Envato API and More at

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Web developer Levi Hackwith recently began his first solid attempt at learning Ruby, and is chronicling his journey on his blog Besides being a great place to pick up detailed tips on Ruby, you might also pick up some tasty snippets about his wife, GraphicRiver manager and FreelanceSwitch editor Amanda Hackwith.

Here is one such snippet:

Quote from Wife: You teach me charm and I’ll teach you authority!

I also enjoy this: “I’m a big fan of GraphicRiver, especially since my wife is the site manager there as well as the editor of FreelanceSwitch. That’s right, I married an Internet rock-star.”

But back to Ruby. Levi decided that his first project would be to combine data from the Envato API with RMagick to create a collage of thumbnails from some of the more popular images on GraphicRiver.

If your curious about how his project went, the code that he used, or his thoughts about his first major Ruby experience – or even if you’re just after ammunition to tease Amanda with – then head over to his blog today.