PhotoDune Pick-a-Wallpaper Winner

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

The time has come to announce the winner of the PhotoDune Pick-a-Wallpaper contest. It turns out wallpapers reflect personal style and throughout the Envato office debate raged about what the winning wallpaper would look like. Would it be full of white spaces, bright colours, nature or architecture? The winner was  difficult to choose but only one image could take the prize!

Congratulations to Viz who posted the winning wallpaper Winter Landscape by SimpleFoto.

Lucky Viz has won $100 of Marketplace Credit to buy enough PhotoDune wallpapers to entertain him for the rest of the year!

Winter Landscape

This image has enough space to make sure the users desktop is clear and crisp. The contrast of the white on blue makes it stimulating without being overwhelming, all in all it’s a fantastic wallpaper.
With 119 entries to choose from we felt it was only fair to award 4 runners up.
Special mentions to: SBJewel who posted Sun Light Forest by plampy.

fahmyzone for posting Dandelion Seeds by alessaandrozocc.

Giallo for posting this cute frog on a wet surface by mvaligursky.

and pixelworkshop, who was the first to post the popular waiting for the sunset by akarelias.

A big round of applause for everyone who entered, we hope everyone who joined in found a new PhotoDune wallpaper or two in the process!

  • Adrian Try

    Congratulations winners!

  • Matthew Butler



    Oh boy….. Is that me…. the first runner up…. Kinda confused…. Make my name Hyperlink please…. :)