Payoneer Pricing Changes

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Payoneer has reduced the cost of regular bank transfers! This is great news if you use Payoneer as an Envato Author. The cost has gone from $5.95 per transfer to $2.99 per transfer! The option is available to more than 200 countries and more than 40 currencies. This is a big change for Payoneer’s pricing on international bank transfers and will reduce those annoying transfer costs on your earnings!

For those who use SWIFT, Payoneer has announced that SWIFT transfers will remain at $9.95 per transfer along with an additional fee of 1% of the transaction with a $10.00 cap.

The Payoneer pricing change took effect on the 10th of October, so if you use it for international bank transfers, you are already saving!