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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

About the position


We’re Envato and our mission is to help people to earn and to learn, online.  We’re a young online company, internationally known in our market.  We operate marketplaces where hundreds of thousands of people buy and sell digital items every day, and a network of educational blogs where millions learn creative skills.  You might be surprised to know that not only are we behind some of the biggest websites in Australia, we’re also profitable and growing really fast!

The Envato marketplaces are growing at an incredible rate!  Not only has there been explosive growth among authors, but buyers are also signing up in droves.  To stay ahead of that growth, we need ambitious, bright, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.  I’m proud to say that our current staff meets that criteria, but we need more! 

Specifically, we’re looking for someone to come join the team as a Growth Officer.   The growth team does exactly what it sounds like it does – we grow the marketplaces.  In short, we do that by discovering new item types, creating categories, filling those categories with quality content, and promoting them.   This is a great opportunity and is no ordinary job.

What you’ll be doing

•    Running competitions and “Most Wanted” campaigns
•    Working with authors to create seed for future categories
•    Writing articles to promote events
•    Creating and maintaining relationships with industry heavyweights
•    Working with accounting to make sure seed authors and competition winners get paid
•    Maintaining detailed statistics to identify our successes and failures
•    Identifying lucrative niches through statistical analysis

Essential Requirements

We’re looking for a whole lot more than just the ability to accomplish the above tasks. Here are some traits we’ll be looking for in a candidate:
•    Passion for the Envato community, buyers, authors, and staff alike
•    Excellent organizational skills
•    Attention to detail
•    Ability to find creative solutions to not-so-obvious problems
•    Project management skills
•    Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
•    Experience with and knowledge of the marketplaces is a huge plus, whether that be as an author, reviewer, mod, or just a community member
•    Though you don’t need to be a designer or developer, you must be intimately familiar with the industry
•    High level of initiative, independence and self-management in a remote working environment
•    Ability to collect, organize and communicate information and ideas clearly and from a remote environment

I’m interested!  What now?

If you have these traits and are excited at the prospect of joining the team, we’d love to hear from you!  Send a cover letter and resume via this form:
The following things will work in your favor:
•    A cover letter that talks about why you would be a good fit for this role, and gives us a sense of what you’re passionate about and what drives you.
•    A resume that shows us your strengths, rather than just listing everything you’ve ever worked on. (Long lists of acronyms will be frowned upon.)


  • Misel D.

    If I ever leave my full time job it will be this year. There are great offers here to work from home, question is how to adapt myself?

  • Uniq

    I just wanted to apply but I can’t bypass the “Home Phone” field. Is anyone experiencing the same? Looks like a bug to me.

    • Scott

      Please try again – we’ve just fixed the problem. :-)

  • Roodper

    Oh man ! I don’t know why ! I can’t convert my resume to pdf … I tried online tools , but its not working !

    • Scott

      Try PrimoPDF if you’re on a PC ( or Preview on a Mac which allows you to save/print directly as a PDF. :-)

    • Kat

      Totally unrelated, but I made the icons for Primo PDF 😉

    • Scott

      @Kat That’s TOTALLY related, that’s awesome! 😀

  • JKakaroto

    Very good!

  • Alex John

    What is the pay?

  • mystic

    Envato Staff,
    I’m a **huge fan** of Envato but you guys do amaze me at times.

    You’re asking a lot of personal information on an unsecured form. Has no one there heard of identity theft? Surprising since you just had a security issue less than a month ago.


    • Jordan McNamara

      Hey mystic!

      SSL is enabled on the form, so all info that is sent is encrypted.

  • chrismccoy

    would love to recommend a few people, but im trying to avoid anything envato cause of the way they have treated me.

  • Aj Clarke

    Have a few people interested. But they want to know what the pay is. Any insight on that?

    • lawrence77

      maybe around 30$/hour

      i guess..

  • guitarjock


    I was waiting for another cool full time job offer like this with Envato. I was unemplyed and ready to jump at the next offer, but I just got hired today by Lockheed Martin and I am moving from Tucson Arizona to Fort Worth Texas. Looks like I may have a full time job now for the next 20 plus years, but if things ever change (I hit the Lotto), I will definitely be looking for another chance to work for you guys! That should say a lot. If I hit the Lotto, I actually want to work for you. Most people would say, heck if I am going to work after I hit the Lotto. LOL.

  • Kenaudio

    Hey there,

    sounds pretty cool that you still grow and that you are looking for new staff. I am interested, but can I work from home? Would I have to move somewhere else and what do you pay per hour?

    Thanks a lot and cheers from Germany!

  • Cedric Stout

    When will we know when a decision has been made? :)