Non-exclusive Rates Increasing to 33% on December 1st

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Since our inception back in 2006, the Envato Marketplaces have seen three rate rises for our exclusive authors. Today I’m very excited to announce the first upgrade to our non-exclusive rate. We’re increasing author commissions from 25% up to 33% as of December 1st. This means our non-exclusive authors will earn about a third more on each sale.

Here on our marketplaces, the vast majority of sales are on exclusive content. In fact more than 95% of our sales are generated by exclusive authors. This is something we’re really proud of, because it shows what a unique library of content we have online. It’s also great because for exclusive authors we are able to offer extremely competitive commission rates of 50-70% per sale.

While many of our marketplaces are dominated by authors who choose to sell exclusively with Envato, we’ve been slowly entering markets where authors are much more likely to be non-exclusive in their choice of marketplaces.

In particular 3DOcean and now PhotoDune are both in markets where many authors choose to sell on multiple marketplaces. Additionally two of our older marketplaces: AudioJungle and GraphicRiver, both have a decent sized minority of sales coming from non-exclusive authors.

Our intention at Envato is to benefit authors as much as possible. Because of our aims of building unique libraries of content, we will always heavily favour exclusive content. However with more and more non-exclusive authors joining us, we’d like to reward their decision as best we can, without compromising our exclusive slant.

So for all you non-exclusive authors selling with us, we’d like to say thank you for choosing to upload your content to our marketplaces. Especially those authors who’ve been with us in some cases for many years on marketplaces like AudioJungle.

We hope that this rate bump, which will go into effect on the 1st of December 2011 at 12:01am (AEDT), will ensure that your time with Envato will be even more rewarding!

  • Pippin

    That’s great news for non-exclusive authors!

  • Tim McMorris

    Great plan, excellent timing – everyone wins. The percentage loss for Envato will more then be made up by the new authors joining……….but you already knew that 😉

  • djjeep

    This is really good news for non-exclusive authors! Great idea! 😉

  • Carmen

    This is a great opportunity!

  • Homydesign

    Awesome! Thank you guys!

  • THP

    AWESOME news guys!! Thanks so much for listening to the feedback (particularly from all us PhotoDuner’s)about rates. This is SUCH a welcome change from many other agencies dealing badly with their contributors.

    Thank you again Envato, and keep up the amazing work!

  • Albert

    Thanks for the great news. :)

  • Vectorlib

    That’s great news! Thank you Envato!

  • polysense

    That’s great news, and a big step for increasing new autors, but in major websites for 3d models like turbosquid, fallingpixel, 3dexchange and others the minimum is 40% for non-exclusivity autors

  • Alan Brusky

    Great news!

  • MiselD.

    Great news Collis, thanks!