New Marketplace Badge – Attended a Community Meetup!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

As if we aren’t already badge crazy on the Envato Marketplaces, we’ve decided to add another badge! The new Attended a Community Meetup badge is for those who decided to visit us in Chicago during our Envato Community Meet!

View the Community Night Video!

If you missed out, we ending up streaming the Envato Community night live via Ustream. Not to worry, we also recorded it so you can watch anytime! View the recorded stream on Aetuts+.

Some of our fellow community members!

Thinesh, \ Adrian and beloved marketplace member \ Drew and \ \

Get your badge!

Most of you that were there should have received your badge by now. However, if you haven’t please post in the forum thread regarding the new badge or let Drew know via his profile page.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to Chicago or joined us while we were streaming, it was a wonderful time and we hope we can do another meetup sometime in the future!

  • Paul

    Do people who tweeted get a badge? Like a ” virtually attended the envato meetup ? ” 😀

  • turkhitbox

    Well its unfair for foreigners! I want that badge 😀

    Does it count if we make a community meet ourselves? For example all authors in Turkey?

  • Mark Dijkstra

    I hope there’san europe edition comming

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  • Badhon Ebrahim

    ill fly to the next meetup, let me know where it will happen. :) hope to meet you gyz soon.