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Cookies by Moyan Brenn

This week Twitter stood in the spotlight because it publicly disclosed that it tracks user’s movements across the web. It claims that it uses the information to show relevant tweets to match the person’s Internet history. But being surrounded by conspiracy stories, it really poses the question “Who’s watching you online?”

At the centre of all this controversy are internet cookies.

Many of us have heard of cookies. We are all being frequently reminded by websites about these tasty data treats but not many of us actually know what they do or how much data they can collect.

We collect thousands of cookies everyday. Nearly every major website we go on will issue some sort of cookie to our Web browser. These can do anything from remember our login details to telling websites what we do and don’t do on the Internet.

Many people think that this is a breach of privacy and that no one should have the right to see what we do on the internet. Prompting many different law makers to take action in recent times.

But websites just say that they simply use them to enhance our browsing experience. Which the majority of us take for granted.

Do you think websites should be allowed to issue cookies? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

As always you can read more about the Twitter privacy issue here.