Meet Alex Holmes!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Hello Notes Readers!

I’m Alex, and I’m an American living in Melbourne. This is the sixth city and third country I’ve lived in over the last ten years, I’m super excited to have found a home here, helping everyone worldwide build great things!

Didn’t lose you yet? Sweet! More about me:

I’m running all the paid marketing for Envato right now, especially focusing on search ads and site sponsorships. For anything related to AdWords, Facebook Ads, Banners, Affiliate programs, conversion rates, or SEO, I’m your guy! I also recently started working on the Bundles and other promotions.

Pre-Envato, I worked for a couple different startups in San Francisco, and ran my own for the last year and a half. I always like talking big ideas, sales data, and marketing.

When I’m not optimising traffic sources and campaigns, you can find me at live music venues, following Boston sports teams, enjoying the many coffee shops in Melbourne, or working on my first ever vegetable garden.

Why am I excited about Envato? I bought my first ThemeForest theme a couple of years ago while working on a startup prototype with a colleague. I’ve since bought a couple more and have been referring everyone I know to the site. Alas, I’m not a developer, so I love being able to buy out-of-the-box themes.

Hopefully, I can get many more people to think the same way!

Looking forward to future encounters.

– Alex

  • CodingJack

    Congrats on your new gig Alex. From one Bostonian to another :)

    • Alex

      Thanks CodingJack or is it Jack…Coding…

      Big Pats win a couple of days ago. Lucky enough to see it on ESPN here.

  • lawrence77

    Congrats :)

  • Travis King

    Welcome Alex! If i’m not mistaken, that looks like Hong Kong? That’s a great city.

    • Alex

      Indeed. Took that photo between some torrential rain storms. Amazing city.

  • Jakartanese

    Hello Alex, welcome to the neighborhood. :)