Make Your Brand Better with Facebook

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Using social media to connect to your client base has become the craftiest way to market and communicate your brand, take over the world style. In Better Branding Part One we discussed the benefits of connecting with your clients via Twitter. The next step in your social media empire is to create a Facebook page for your business.

Facebook generates a staggering 770 billion page views per month, that’s a whole lot of viewing. Just by creating a Facebook page you could be directing millions of new people to your marketplace items! Not to mention making some new friends and fans along the way. So, if you want to generate more sales for your marketplace items, become an Elite Envato author and maybe take over the world, take heed!

Here are 5 good reasons why you should create a Facebook page for your business-
1) It’s free. Everyone loves free stuff. If you can market your brand and products effectively with Facebook (for free) instead of buying advertisements and spending an enormous chunk of your marketing budget, you can consider it a win.
2) According to Social Media statistics there are more than 640 million active Facebook users, 50% of which log in on any given day. Having a page on Facebook means these people have access to your brand.
3) Consider that more than 30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each day. Now consider your brand being part of that shared content, accessible to millions of people all over the world. That’s right, world domination here we come.
4) It’s a great way to get started. If you are a small business or just starting out, creating a Facebook page is an easy way to create an online presence. It also allows you to communicate to your customers in a personal way.
5) The opportunity to spread your message with Facebook is like ‘digital word of mouth’. Because Facebook is a network of ‘friends’, interacting with a single person means you can potentially reach all their friends, family and acquaintances. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Facebook is more personal than Twitter
Twitter allows you to ‘follow’ people without their consent, whilst Facebook requires you to accept and reject friend requests. Facebook is a more personal social platform because Facebook is selective. This means that your Facebook friendship group is more personal and ultimately more exclusive than your connections on Twitter.

Why is this important?
According to study called Social Commerce: Conversations Among Consumers (based on a survey conducted last month of 1,000 frequent online shoppers);

People who frequently shop online say that recommendations from friends in social communities are twice as valuable as recommendations from retailers.

That’s a big deal and it makes sense. A recommendation from a friend or family member is more likely to impact your choices than some random you don’t care about. Am I right?

Getting Started
Creating a Facebook page will give you space to amass fans and respond to queries and issues. You can choose different settings that allow people to comment or you can make the page a simple click through to your website. It’s up to you how you want to customise but we encourage you to make your page interactive . Only create a page you can manage, especially if you won’t have time to answer queries or approve comments. For more information on setting up a page you can head to Gigaom,  Webopedia and for an informative video, hit up Saboohikhan on Youtube.

The power of the ‘LIKE’ button
Having lots of people ‘Like’ your page will give you a visual figure of how many people are aware of your brand, as well as an ego boost. Having a ‘like’ button is a great way of showing how connected and on the pulse your brand is. You can also embed your ‘Like’ button into your websites and blogs.

Better Than The Rest
The aim is not just to be ‘liked’, but to be loved! Make sure you have great content, even if your page is minimal you can make sure that you include information that people will actually be interested in. It is great to amass fans, but if you actually want to engage with your customers, interactivity should be your goal. Interacting with people on Facebook means your page will pop up on their personal profiles, giving your brand and items more exposure.

Share tips, post how-to videos, announce upcoming events, post from your website or blog and share links to interesting and relevant content. It doesn’t matter how attractive your page is, no one wants to interact with mindless drivel.

Inspire people and they will respond and share your content.

Keep it Up
You can create the best Facebook page ever, but if you don’t update it, your page will be yet another piece of internet flotsam, stuck forever in cyberspace. Keep it current, create good content, ask questions and respond to queries professionally. Create the type of page you would want to interact with and your brand will flourish as a result.

If you would like to read more about promoting your brand with Facebook, check out Good Plum, Social Media Examiner and Successful Facebook Marketing by Skellie. Good luck and happy Facebooking!