How Does the Rockable Affiliate Program Work?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

By recommending Rockable eBooks to others you can make a 30% cut of every sale that comes from a link you’ve posted. On a $29 eBook, that’s $8.70. Sell 10 eBooks, make $87 dollars. You’ll be paid out your earnings once a month.

This article is reposted from the Envato Knowledgebase, which contains information on all the Envato sites, and is a helpful resource for authors, buyers and users.

Best of all, you can earn money while providing great content to your audience, like an in-depth review or preview using your unique affiliate link. If you’d like to add a Rockable banner to your site make sure to check out our huge selection of affiliate graphics below.


All Rockable affiliate sales are processed by our finance team, and all payments to affiliates are made in the middle of the following month the sale is made. For instance, if you make a sale in May, you’ll be paid in mid June. Please note that certain countries do NOT allow PayPal deposits, so if this happens we will contact the affiliate directly to figure out how we can pay them.

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