Get Ready for Movember!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Are you blessed with a face that sprouts hair? Get out your moustache wax and nose hair trimmers and get that fuzz primed for Movember!

What is Movember?
During the month of November we encourage our community members to grow a moustache and compete for the GOLD MO badge. Last years winner was NikiN who stole the show with his spectacular Mo, so if you need some tips, he’s the man to ask.

To join the competition get involved in the Official Movember Thread by posting pictures of your progress. Ideally, you should shave off all exsisting facial hair by the 1st of November, so we know you didn’t have a head start!

Girls, you can get involved too. Last year, ChristineWilde won the Gold Mo Sister Award for a very cool hand drawn Mo, so get creative.

The competition will finish at the end of November and a winner selected by the 5th of December! Get Growing!

A Mo-ving rendition

  • D’zinc

    Go Chendo!

    • Travis King

      Chendo’s moustache was so great that I heard it took a different tram to work every morning!

    • D’zinc