Getting to Know SEO: Book Review

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Search Engine Optimization is one of those skills that everyone thinks they can offer but few can truly do well. With a large amount of SEO purveyors being little more than magic bean salesmen, how does one see past the fluff and get to the core of actual legitimate search engine optimization?

Rockable Press’s recent book Getting to Know SEO is here to help.

Beyond the Black Magic

Google is not, nor has ever been, stupid. What made Google the search engine giant of our day is that they made it policy early on not be shanghaied by all the SEO tricksters and charlatans. They could see that the competing search engine’s results were increasingly filling with bogus websites – remember the white text on the white background that was heaping with search engine keywords? Google didn’t want any part of this, and they still don’t. So while the latest Google SEO hack or trick may work for a while, before long your site will be blacklisted and sitting out in the cold. No one wants that.

For that reason, it is more important than ever to make sure your SEO strategy uses only legitimate methods of optimization. And even if you contract out your SEO work, it still helps to know if your hired team is doing everything above board.

Andre knows his optimization and in Getting to Know SEO he provides a basic roadmap to proven means of increasing your site’s ranking. There’s no black magic here, just accredited techniques that work. These techniques will take a certain amount of time, research and effort, but the end results will likely yield a top 10 ranking in your targeted search phrase.

Getting to Know SEO doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to what works. While there are plenty of people out there trying to game the system, this book isn’t going to give you any advice that focuses only on short-term gains.

SEO is a constantly moving target. Many tips and concepts thatworked famously two or three years ago have either diminished in effectiveness, or are even counterproductive to implement at this point…If everyone knew how Google’s algorithm worked, everyone would game the system. All we can do from the outside is draw from years of experience, looking at different properties of high ranking websites and trying to find commonalities.

Why so Short?

When I first received my review copy of Getting to Know SEO, I felt it was a little light coming in at just under 100 pages. But as I started reading through it, it became quite clear that Andre was getting to the meat of SEO and had little time for filler and stuffing. There are really only a few tried and true techniques for reliable search engine rankings and this book gets you pointed in the right direction quickly.

Search engine optimization isn’t the only way to increase a website’s traffic and income, but it’s arguably the most important. This goes against the grain of popular sites that put social media on a pedestal, insisting that bloggers and marketers should focus their attention primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for driving pageviews. For many websites, social media is indeed necessary, but not sufficient. Search traffic has its own unique advantages.

By about page 70 I was happy that the book wasn’t longer. By then I was able to start formulating my own SEO strategy and was already getting excited about giving it a go. My measure of a quality how-to book is that I should learn at least one new idea or approach that I can start using immediately. Getting to Know SEO has several.

The Getting to Know SEO ebook is available for $19. For more information or to purchase a copy, head over to Rockable Press.