FreelanceSwitch Marketing Roundup:
Gain Exposure Through Blogging

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More eyes on your items means more sales. But how can you drive traffic to your portfolio and gain more exposure?

Week by week in our author interviews, authors tell us how they do it. Often marketing strategies are centered around social networks – posting about items on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, DeviantART and a host of other sites. It’s a great strategy. Here’s another: Start a blog.

A blog can help you gain exposure in many ways. It attracts Google traffic. It demonstrates your experience and expertise. It can highlight your best items. It’s a great place to put testimonials.

But that’s enough from me. FreelanceSwitch has been telling us about the power of blogs in marketing for years, so I’ll let them continue the story. Here are their Top 10 posts on the topic.

Do you promote your items on a blog? Are you planning to start a blog? Let us know about it in the comments.

How to Use Blogging to Market Your Freelance Business1. How to Use Blogging to Market Your Freelance Business

You may have started off your freelancing career like I did by picking up one large client and a couple of small ones right off the bat. This worked for awhile until my husband lost his job and I suddenly needed to bring in enough to make up for his income. Fortunately, he joined me in my freelancing endeavors, and added his marketing expertise to my business.

Like many of our fellow freelancers, though, we didn’t have any extra money to put toward marketing expenses. We had to find a way to get the word out about our content writing business, for free and as quickly as possible. Social media and blogging (these two go hand in hand, as I’ll point out below) became the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way for us to gain new freelance writing gigs.

While my husband had some experience in social media, our use of blogging as a marketing medium involved quite a bit of trial and error. Even so, we suddenly found ourselves acquiring new clients, so many, in fact, that we had to become selective and only partner with those clients willing to pay what we needed to get our bills paid. We became highly desired experts in our freelancing field almost overnight it seemed without spending hardly a penny.
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How to Make Your Portfolio Site More Effective by Adding a Blog2. How to Make Your Portfolio Site More Effective by Adding a Blog

Having a killer online portfolio is obviously invaluable to freelancers. The portfolio will show the quality of your work and get potential clients excited about what you can do for them. A great portfolio will sell you and your abilities–you just have to get people to see it.

Publishing a blog at your portfolio site can accomplish many of the same things, it just takes a different approach to get the results. Much like the portfolio, the blog will demonstrate your expertise, only it will do so by sharing knowledge instead of by displaying your work. Potential clients that have read the posts on your blog are likely to feel more comfortable with you and appreciate your experience and your abilities more than they would if they had never seen your blog.
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Leveraging Your Blog to Promote Your Services3. Leveraging Your Blog to Promote Your Services

If you’re like many creative freelancers, you have a blog. And being the diligent type that you are, it’s updated at least once a week.

But here’s the bad news: There are a lot of other blogs out there. Which means that you’ll have to work hard to make yours stand out.

Oh, no. Those two four-letter words: w-o-r-k h-a-r-d.

They beg the question, what should you be hard at work on? Here are six suggestions.
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Freelancers: Here’s Why You Need a Blog4. Freelancers: Here’s Why You Need a Blog

Everyone with a blog, please raise your hand.

Alright, those of you with hands up can leave the classroom and hit the bar early. The rest of you, stay here, because this lesson is important.

Lets start with the quick summary of what a blog is. Short for Weblog, a blog is a website that displays posts by the author in chronological order. Their popularity is immense since most blogging platforms make it insanely simple for anyone to publish their thoughts on the web.

You’re reading one right now.

But why do freelancers need one?
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Five Reasons Why Freelancers Should Blog5. Five Reasons Why Freelancers Should Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question!

Whether you are a freelance coder, designer or writer, you certainly need to look for opportunities to increase your exposure. The more visibility you have, the higher the quantity and quality of work that will appear.

Could a blog be the right marketing tool? The blogging phenomenon is expanding rapidly. It would be difficult browse around the Internet for 30 minutes without crossing one. As a freelancer, however, would a blog represent a smart career move? In one word: absolutely! Below you’ll find five reasons why any freelancer should blog.
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Freelancers Should Have a Niche Blog6. Freelancers Should Have a Niche Blog

You’ve possibly read countless times that businesses with an online presence can benefit from having a blog. Of course, freelancing is a business, and a blog is likewise valuable to you, regardless of what you freelance in. Here are some reasons having a niche-focused blog can help your business. The tips are geared towards freelance writers, but much of what’s here can be applied for other types of freelance work.
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7 Ways to Use Your Blog to Attract New Freelance Clients7. 7 Ways to Use Your Blog to Attract New Freelance Clients

Your blog can be a powerful tool for attracting and signing new clients for your freelance business. Like every part of your marketing, it pays to invest the time needed to publish a blog that shows your skills in the best possible light.

I believe that a blog needs to “pay its own way” and justify the time and money you will invest. The good news is that a few “tweaks” to your blog can boost its performance and deliver high-paying clients.

Here are 7 ways you can turn your blog into a powerful client-attraction tool.
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How a Blog Can Help Your Photography Business8. How a Blog Can Help Your Photography Business

If you are a photographer and have a website, you need a blog. A blog can be a huge supplement to your website and can offer more for the viewer than just viewing your portfolio online. You can post new work to it and describe a little bit about your recent photo shoots, and add keywords to your copy which in turn will bring the search engines coming back to your site looking for new content.
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7 Tips for Creating a Successful Photographer Blog9. 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Photographer Blog

Photography blogs can be great ways to funnel new visitors and potential clients to your photography work. I’ve been photoblogging for almost three years. Here are seven things that I’ve learned.
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Ask FreelanceSwitch: Portfolios and Blog Content10. Ask FreelanceSwitch: Portfolios and Blog Content

In this issue of Ask FreelanceSwitch, we look at portfolios and blog content. Ask FreelanceSwitch is a regular column here that allows us to help beginners get a grip on freelancing. If you have a question about freelancing that you want answered, send an email to
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