Freebie Friday:
30+ Free But Awesome Mac Games

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Use a Mac? Love games? Prefer free? Then this bunch of freebies is just for you.

Rodrigo Leon from Mac.Appstorm recently did a great roundup of free-to-play games for Mac OS X. The long list of over 30 new and old games includes racing games, first person shooters, adventure games, social games and a bunch more.

I’m intending to download them one at a time and give them a go. There’s a few classic games in there I haven’t seen for years.

Some are difficult to install under Mountain Lion. If that might be an issue for you, either check the comments first to see how others have gone, or just give it a shot and see how you go.

Today, the free-to-play model is being adopted by more and more developers. These games are no longer ugly-looking creations that attract only a certain type of gamers, either. From MMOs to FPS games, there is a free-to-play game for everyone.

Sound like what you’re looking for? Then head over to Mac.Appstorm and waste a few hours this weekend.