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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Last week, Tuts+ Premium experienced a major outage following a security compromise. On Saturday we issued a refund to all members who were paying subscribers on June 26th when the issues began. In addition we announced that we would be giving free access to anyone who, prior to June 26th, had ever signed up, even if their membership had expired or they’d never completed their initial purchase.

It was a bad situation, and I’d again like to apologize to all the affected users. We hope that this period of free access will be a small step to repairing our user’s faith and trust in Envato and Tuts+ Premium.

Here is how the free access will work:

(1) Members with an Active Paying Subscription

If you had an active paying subscription on June 26th, then we will be issuing a rolling refund at the end of July and then the end of August. There’s nothing you need to do, the refunds will be sent via PayPal or Moneybookers as we did this past weekend as a one month rebate of either $9 or $19 depending on the type of subscription you have.

If you unsubscribe in the intervening time, at the end of the month we’ll add the remaining months of free access on to your account. So if you unsubscribe in July, then at the end of the month we’ll add two months free access. And if you unsubscribe during August, after receiving one more refund, then at the end of that month we’ll add one month free access.

It’s difficult through our payment APIs to pause subscriptions, so a rolling refund is the best way for us to carry out the free access promise.

(2) Members without a Paying Subscription

If you had created an account with Tuts+ Premium at any point in the past, whether it was an account that expired, or a cart abandonment, but are not currently a paying member, then your account will simply now have free access switched on. You can log in to your account any time between now and September 2nd and will have free access to the site and services.

Once the period is complete, your account will revert, and you’ll need to create a paying subscription to carry on.

Tuts+ Premium has some amazing content and we hope all our users will enjoy this period of free access to expand their skills and knowledge and take advantage of our fantastic array of ebooks, courses and premium tutorials!


(1) I didn’t receive the refund issued on the 30th of June
On Saturday the 30th of June, we sent out payments for $9 and $19 to all members who were active paying subscribers on June 26th. Depending on your account type these funds might automatically appear in your account, or you may need to actively accept them by following email instructions from PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill (depending on which service you used to subscribe in the first place).

If you have not yet received the refund, please check your account and email records, and then contact Support and we will investigate the payment records.

(2) I am not a paying member, and my account doesn’t have free access
So long as you had a username/password created prior to the 26th of June, you should now have access granted. If this is not the case, contact Support and we can check the account and add access permissions.

If you have other questions, please contact

Thank you again to all our subscribers for your continued support. We hope to bring you ever better learning materials in the coming months and years.

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  • praveen

    Thank you Collis ,

    The transparency of how the issue was handled is remarkable , the 2 months of access is the icing on the cake :)

    Haifa, Israel

    • Suleiman Leadbitter

      I agree. This is exactly how companies should act. You have managed to turn a bad event into a positive regarding your public status.

      Kudos, also thank you for the free period! :)

    • Bram

      Yes indeed, even in The Netherlands I agree with your comment.

      Envato, you did a good job!

  • CodeJ

    WOW thats really great!!! Thank you for supporting all of us that have been paying you for months and give free access to member that have never paid a dime!

    Have you lost your mind??

    • DisappointedMember

      I completely agree with CodeJ. Why don’t we (paying members) get free access? It just doesn’t make sense.

    • CtKiDd

      Wow a bit selfish, I was always a happy and paying member but things got rough for me so I had to cancel but these two months I will take advantage of. We are only talking about two months and in the article it states you are getting some type of refund. Come on!

    • Linda Minor

      You DO get free access if you’re a paying member. There will be a refund at the end of July, and again at the end of August, each refund for the one-month fee. Read the first sentence in (1) above. You’ll get refunded, twice, so that means 2 months free access.

      Thanks, tuts+ for an awesome solution.

  • Roodper

    Is there any voucher still available ?

  • Ashley Clarke

    Well thats great, I purchased premium a few days ago so I only get 1 month for free.

  • Lawrence77

    Your membership is:
    Tuts+ Premium Monthly Paid until: September 3 2012



  • Daniel

    Thank You!

    I really admire how you handled this situation… Overall, I think both Envato (TutsPlus) and it’s community learned a valuable lesson.

  • Nnenna John

    I think you guys do some business voodoo. Your service is so awesome. So much so, that I sometimes forget I am a paying customer. I have been hooked and I am still hooked. I hope to be like you guys when I do launch. Cheers and stay strong!

  • saltshaker911


    I have signed up at tuts+ several months ago, but never purchased a membership.. do i get 2 free months as well ? if so how can i activate it ?

    • tutseasy

      Hello saltshaker911
      Please See FAQ Section in above post and if you had a username/password created prior to the 26th of June then yes you will grant for this 2 months free access!

    • Omid

      Yes, you can.
      You just need to reset your password before login and after login with new password, you will access all tutorials by default.

    • Joseph

      I reseted my password and login but I don´t have free access :(

      How can I do ?


  • Cat Townsend

    Wow. You really have gone above and beyond!

    Can think of a few other organisations that could learn from the way you have handled this situation.

  • 37c

    I just wanted to say thank you and a well done pat on the back for envato on how you guys handling this issues


  • opencreativs

    amazing.. tuts+ were once again on their way to customer satisfaction…

  • Omid

    Because of international embargo for my country I`m not able to purchase premium account via PayPal or Moneybookers.
    These two months will be shandy for me! B-)

    Thanks a lot.

  • Muhammad Adnan

    That’s awesome 😉

  • Michael

    I’m subscribed up until 21st July. If i was to cancel now, i would receive 2 months free at the end of July? Then after my 2 free months i can re-subscribe?

    That seems an easier solution for me to avoid the whole pay+refund.. just want to make sure i understand it correctly.

  • Kaleem


  • Chirag Vadgama

    The way this entire thing has been handled is remarkable and I can hardly remember any organisation who goes so out of the way to keep their customer happy.

    Thank you

  • mahi

    great news :) .. just love it .. going to add 1hour extra schedule to read some tutorials :)

  • raakeshmenon

    here there…when u say free access, you mean premium content too ??…..if so i can’t access it….pls advise dude 😉

  • Shari

    I received no upgrade for Premium – my plan is still basic and its asks me to upgrade when I want to check out a course. Is there a promo code or something to access this incentive?

  • http://Nicetohaveyouback dante1

    Guys thanks for your help and interest in your members I really appreciate the way you´ve handled this situation I only have one concern, as the monthly 19 U$ were withdrawn twice from my account to cover june, you just did one refund for me, what should I do now as my membership will expire next week
    my Ticket ID: 231872.
    I will look forward to your answer.
    Best Regards

  • Jenny Klein

    Thank you so much for this. I am sure this whole debacle has been a nightmare for you and you have handled the customer service issues admirably.

  • http://Nicetohaveyouback dante1

    Hey guys
    you just took the money again from my account so at this point you owe me two refunds whats going on ?

  • Chuck_You

    Thank you, Collis and the fine people @ Envato. Love the way you handled the situation and look forward to more years of fine offerings and learning opportunities from you all.

  • Arkka

    The two months free access is no longer working. It was a couple minutes ago but when I continue to the next lesson it doesn’t work. I try other courses the same result I receive:
    “video not found or access denied:
    It appears this error on all courses that I try to watch. Any solution? My membership started since Sept 2011.

  • Mike Baker

    I am confused as to what happens for someone like me whose renewal would be in the middle of the month…. Would I need to pay before my renewal date in order to get a refund at the end of the month with my service…. Or would I just continue on without paying, and I will lose access to the server for two weeks until 2 months free access is granted at the end of the month? Please elaborate, as the wording of this is somewhat cryptic….


  • Olle Zettergren

    WOW thats really great!

    Thanks alot. It’s summer and study-time :)

    // Olle

  • Thomas Jay

    I agree with many that wrote previously. Sure, it stinks when something bad like this happens, but it’s really important what happens next. Envato handled this in a first-rate manner. Instead of attempting to hide the issue or explain it away in some off-handed way, you were straight right away about the problem, too full responsibility, explained how and why it happened, and are moving forward having learned from it and are taking steps to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your honesty and how swiftly you responded to the breach. All the best in the future. I really enjoy Envato as one of the best web designer / developer resources available.

  • Antony

    Thanks Collis and the Envato Team, much appreciated. Great gesture.

  • Sheridan

    The way Envato has responded has been fantastic following the break-in.

    There are apparently trolls, competitors or people that simply don’t understand the meaning of the word refund who posted early on but that’s not surprising.

    I think many organizations would offer something like a discount on purchases or maybe even a month free – if any of that – but Envato giving two months to a very valuable resource is amazing!

  • Lionel

    wow…. Thanks a lot you guys…!!!!

  • Nancy


    Just wondering what happened to the two months free premium? How do I obtain this? I can’t find any info on it.


  • Jitendra Vyas

    2 Month free. Wow

  • Serge


    I have paid basic membership that i had for the past 2 years if not longer.

    And i don’t get a premium membership? At least you guys could give a free month to try it out.


  • Aldrin

    So if you are a BASIC member do you get 2 free months of PREMIUM access of just BASIC? The title on this post is Free Access on Tuts+ Premium makes it confusing to your 2 type of paid members. If BASIC members get PREMIUM access, I cannot see it under my account still.

  • Supperman


    Im a paying suctomer and i had a subscription prior 26 june. I did get a refund via paypal but im also interested in 2 months free access. The case is that today my pass will end (7.7.12). Do i have to manualy cancel my account today (before 7.7.12) to take advantage of 2 months free or will i get 2months free automaticaly once my regular access ends – that is today? Hope that makes sence and thanks for help.

  • Angelika

    “If you had an active paying subscription on June 26th, then we will be issuing a rolling refund at the end of July and then the end of August.”

    My membership ended on July 7th. I had an active paying subscription on June 26th.

    “If you unsubscribe in the intervening time, at the end of the month we’ll add the remaining months of free access on to your account. ”

    How I can unsubscribe? I have no membership anymore. Yes I can login but nothing more?

  • Eva

    I feel like I’m wasting my time writing this again, but I have contacted Envato support numerous times about not being able to access the Premium videos, even though I have two months of free access…supposedly. They have not resolved the issue yet, and have not responded to me in a timely manner.

  • Eva

    Hello? Anybody there???

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Eva. When I saw your comment yesterday I emailed head office and asked someone to drop in and help you and the other commenters. I’m sure that help will arrive soon! :)

    • Jami

      Hi Eva,

      My sincere apologies for the delay. Please send me a direct email which includes your support ticket number and I’ll be sure it gets the attention it deserves:

  • Udit Goenka

    Free Access was removed from my account 5 days ago. I did contact the support team but I haven’t got any sorts of reply. I hope this gets sorted quickly. Lemme know if should provide the ticket ID over here.

  • A.K.Singh

    My account has been charged 7.99$ by envato for no reason whatsoever!! I contacted envato and they are telling me they can’t track the transaction id. What the hell is going on ?? Are our paypal accounts compromised too ? I swear I’m so done with nettuts this time.

  • anu

    2 month free subscription is not working. 1st there is this security compromise which cannot be equalled to 2 month free subscription. And then now even the supposedly free subscription is not working.

  • Eileen

    The free access would’ve been great if I’d KNOWN ABOUT IT! You send a notice telling me my “pre-paid membership to Tuts+ Premium” expires in five days…..I had no idea I had it in the first place?! Did Envato charge me for stuff I never authorized?

    What a freaking disaster Envato is.

    Due to your incompetence, two months ago I had to go through dozens of security updates to ensure my information is protected. This did not go smoothly.

    Then, I get this email saying something I didn’t know I had is “expiring” and you’re trying to sell me more? Is this another security breech, I wonder?

    What a mess. Your attempt at making restitution?

    Epic fail.

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Eileen. I’m sorry you didn’t realise you had free access to Premium. We tried to announce it loud and clear. Rest assured that we didn’t charge you for anything without authorisation.