Flash Website Review #1

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Hello community members and blog readers. A new series has made its way to the envato blog. I am one of its authors, Aw_Shucks and I’m an active member of the Envato community, based primarily at ActiveDen. My counterpart, BigZ who is also an ActiveDen author, will be working with me in order to produce this new series. What will this new series be about, you may ask? Well, in short our series will be about interactive sites around the web that BigZ and I will be reviewing. The point of the series is to bring to your attention current trends and innovative concepts of interactive websites and that we hope to inspire you to make a move towards making better files.

The first entry of our series is a sort of “test type”, which is usually the next stage of development after that of the prototype. (The first stage was planning. Then the “prototype” came by creating a working presentation ). But I’m sure that we’ll be changing a few things so as to improve the quality and message of our posts. So be ready to see something a little different and better as we post more throughout the series. With this in mind we introduce our first entry in the envato blog. We hope you like it.

Dogs Can Fly

  • You may want to visit this website in order to see the effects of the different menus. If you aren’t too picky about longer loading times, and are able to patiently sit back and enjoy the special properties of the loading animation, then the act of viewing this website may just be well worth your time.
  • The menu on this page has a unique effect that highlights the current item when moused over. Its menu items animate with a bright white vector fill, followed by another color that matches the color scheme of the template. While it is a simple detail, it helps to bring something different in the overall design. Experienced designers and developers know that it is the details that really make the project stand out.
  • This template inspires one to see things as abstract, rather than the normal symmetric layout made of quadrants. Yet it still has an organized feel to it, visually as well.
  • While maintaining a focal point on the main content, the collage of subsidiary content floating above helps to creatively, and efficiently, fill in space that might otherwise be empty.


  1. Abstract design made well organized
  2. A few different interesting menu effects and transitions
  3. Color Palette is well applied

Possible downsides:

  1. Some parts of the site have somewhat lengthy loading times


  • The main content layout is made of quadrants (squares and rectangles), but does not seem uninteresting. The simple inclusion of the large image on the left that seem to extend or compact itself as the browser is resized is quite appealing. I believe this effect can be accomplished with a masking technique.
  • Details are sometimes essential when attracting the viewer to certain areas of the site. There is a feel of consistency in design throughout the entire template. The buttons and icons look as though they required much attention to detail when made, and yet seem so simple though.
  • While some parts of the site seem to have a great amount of quality in its details, the parts that don’t are spaced well enough so as not to distract the viewer from the main areas of the website.


  1. Beautiful design and colors
  2. Well placed elements throughout
  3. Details attract the viewer’s attention

Vanguardia Cine

  • This website has the quality of a certain uniqueness in its navigation system. The main menu scrolls up and down according to the direction of the mouse and is quite typical. However, the unique part of these menus is that it has two graphical animations for every image within it – one each for the mouse over and mouse out events – that hint as though the video real is playing clips as the ‘movie rolls on’ so to speak. However simplistic it may look to accomplish, there is no doubt that it gives a nice touch to its concept of navigation.
  • The old film effect has been applied to the website background which helps to indicate that the company might be involved with film making or video shoots. It keeps the atmosphere distinctly recognizable and consistent, and helps the viewer know what the website is about. Along with the rest of the graphical elements in the site, I’d say the concept was accomplished quite well.
  • While the rest of the website looks original, respectfully, the video players are probably from the built in video player collection that comes with the Flash Authoring Software Application. It doesn’t look bad, so as to keep it respectful, but it might have added a more original look to it if the video players were custom made and matched the design.


  1. Unique Navigational effects in the main menu
  2. A simple but effective atmosphere

Other notes:

  1. Video players might be more interesting if they were custom designed


// Aw_Shucks —




  • http://designmodo.com Adrian

    Good example of flash site, but sorry guys i don’t love flash 😀

  • Aw_Shucks

    Well, with all do respect, this post and what will follow as part of it was meant for those interested in Flash. Although, anyone is welcome to read it, of course. Actually, as part of the blog is reserved for TF, or AJ, or VH, we’re just participating in it by providing for an audience about flash, and AD. Thanks for the read though. :)

  • http://dzinc.net D’zinc

    Great initiative, guys. Keep it coming. Cheers.

  • http://www.dreamview.co.il בניית אתרים

    great article! thanks.

  • Joseph

    I ♥ Flash!!!

    Those that don’t love flash, are in my opinion – jealous of it’s possibilities.

    No offense, but EVERYBODY knows HTML, everybody. Think of it’s job market, or rate.

    Ever wonder about that?