Flagging Item Comments and Posts

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Recently we’ve noticed an increase in incorrectly reported item comments and posts. Maybe you are all working too hard, had a few beers or are not feeling on top of your game. Whatever the reason, read this article to find out how you can flag posts that will help staff respond to you and manage reported posts more efficiently.

Why do comments get flagged or reported?

Comments can be flagged for a variety of reasons; some are accidental (the reply and report button are very close on the item comment section) and others are flagged because they contain inappropriate content including spam, self promotion or abuse.

What happens when you flag an item or forum comment?

When you ‘report’ a comment it is immediately flagged for staff to check. This means the comment can be deleted, edited or replied to by staff.

What do we need to be careful of when flagging comments?

When you report or flag a comment you are able to explain why. It is important that you provide a correct explanation so that the post can be dealt with in the best way.

What are the common mistakes?

The most common mistake is when users incorrectly press the “report button” instead of “reply”. When this happens the post is usually ignored by staff, so be careful which button you press. :)
The second occurs when reported posts are incorrectly labeled as “spam” or “duplicates”.

How can this be fixed?

Take a bit of extra care when flagging or reporting posts.

By taking the time to put a bit of love into your flagged comments, you make it easier for staff to solve your problems making everyone happier. :)

  • http://adamantium.sk/ adamantium

    Hi, it happened also to me that i have 1-2 times flagged comments as inappropriate by mistake. It is not that the reply button is too clode to report link.

    The main problem is that I wanted to reply to a users reply. In the speed of reading I thought that the small report link is actualy a reply link.

    You can only reply to the main comment so when there are 5 replies to one comment you have to scroll up to the main comment.

    Maybe it would if user that flagged comment as inaproperiate would have the posibility to take his action back. Or maybe just an alert box telling you if you are sure that you want to report this comment.

  • http://www.thinkmaze.com Igor

    You might also consider making it harder for people to make a mistake.

    For instance, make a double check, with another confirm box that says, “Do you really want to mark this comment as inappropriate?” or something like that. It could help 😉

    • Carmen

      Thanks for the suggestion Igor, that’s being discussed right now!

  • http://www.kenaudio.com/ Kenaudio

    Thanks for the explanation!

    I wondered what these flags are for:).