Envato Wallpaper for Desktop/iPhone/iPad

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Browsing through our wonderful GraphicRiver library, I’m always astounded by the immense quality our authors generate. There are some simply beautiful files on the site. Since I’ve been thinking a lot about vectors lately, I was perusing the vector library and came across a file that I thought would make a lovely wallpaper for my desktop.

The file was the gorgeous “Abstract Colorful Banners” by Slamerian. So I bought myself a copy, dropped in a little Envato leaf, a miniscule amount of extra photoshopping and a bit of resizing to make a wallpaper background for my iMac, iPad and iPhone! And I thought I’d throw it up on Notes for others to use and enjoy!

Download 2560×1600 Background
Download iPad Background
Download iPhone Background

  • http://envato.com Adrian Try

    Very nice!

  • http://www.flipsideuk.com Phil Mckenny

    Nice, i shall give a trial run.. might be too colourful for my day though..

  • http://themeforest.net/user/FutureSight Rafal from FutureSight

    Fantastic! Are you going to accept users wallpapers as well?

    That would be nice if you run little competition or just create section with wallpapers and submitted once would go through short review if they are good enough to publish here. :)

    • http://twitter.com/jordan_mcnamara Jordan McNamara

      Wow – did you read my mind? We’ve got wallpaper comps planned :-)

  • http://about.me/sgonzaga Stephanie

    Beautiful! Thanks Collis and great job to the artist, Slamerian. :)

  • http://mushindesign.co.uk/ Martin

    Brilliant! Got it on my desktop and iPhone :) Thanks!

  • http://siminitzki siminitzki

    Love it! Got it on my desktop and iPad!

  • Diana

    I don´t use white backgrounds on my desktop but this is so beatiful that I´ll use it!