Envato Pronunciation Guide

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

After the Envato meetup in Chicago, it became apparent that no two people pronounced anything related to Envato the same. That’s why we’ve developed the official Envato pronunciation guide. Special thanks to Lance for making this guide a reality.

or en–bot-o
Really, either one works, but the closer you get to making it sound like a Spanish word (en–bot-o), the cooler it sounds. The only truly incorrect pronunciation is in-vay-toe (I’m looking at you, Jarel).


Toots are baby farts. Yes, it makes sense to say toots because we’re just abbreviating tutorial, but it just sounds silly. It’s tuts, like cuts, but with a t.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually pronounced Free-Lance’s-witch, not Free-lance-Switch. There is a history behind the name involving Lance and a pet witch, but this is not the appropriate venue to speak of it.


Just like Cgtuts+ and Psdtuts+, you say the abbreviation, then tuts (again, not toots), then plus.


Just remember, the “.” is silent.


Definition: One who snipples.

Cyan Ta’eed
Sigh-an Tie-eed

Definition: Co-founder of Envato and not a dude.

or Ja-Rule – It’s impossible to be sure which.
Definition: Web.Appstorm editor, ThemeForest reviewer and the guy that says Envato the most incorrectly.


This pronunciation guide is a work in progress. Feel free to add to it in the comments.

  • http://envato.com Drew

    haha, brilliant! I hope this settles the Tuts vs Toot debate.

    Also, I needed a pronunciation guide for “Fuad” apparently I had been saying it wrong all along. (Please don’t fire me Collis and Fuad! 😉

  • http://tutsplus.com Skellie

    Fuad Ta’eed
    Fwaad Tie-eed

    Not Foo-aahd as Drew pronounces it 😉

    • http://envato.com Drew

      Thanks Skellie, I was trying to think of how to spell it the way I use to pronounce it and you hit the nail on the head.

      Now I’m off to start sharpening and updating my resume 😉

    • http://tutsplus.com Skellie

      You don’t have to worry. Just wait till you hear how Fuad pronounces ‘Drew’… 😉

  • Travis King

    I’ve always had trouble pronouncing Drew. It’s always coming out as “nutjob”.

  • http://activeden.net Lance Snider

    Haha. When I wrote this I didn’t actually think anyone would post it anywhere! 😀

  • http://www.cudazi.com cudazi

    Awesome post & comments :)


  • Jarel Remick

    haha, this is hilarious! :)

  • RimV

    Free-Lance’s-witch haha 😀

  • http://www.scottwills.co.uk Scott

    “Free-Lance’s-witch”, brilliant! 😀

    You can tell who has been to AudioJungle and who hasn’t as we used to have an “Envato” watermark over all our audio (it’s since changed to an “AudioJungle” watermark…) so anyone who has ever been to AudioJungle should know how “Envato” is pronounced. :-) And for those that still haven’t visited AudioJungle, I know where you live and I’m coming to get you. 😀

  • http://envato.com Idiotas

    I always thought you were all about the tutorials but now I’m realizing your just a bunch of annoying people… tut, tut.


  • http://blog.activetofocus.com activetofocus

    yes,awesome post. :)

  • Aw_Shucks

    Does anyone Pronounce “Aw_Shucks” incorrectly? I think I’ve heard everyone who pronounced it, pronounced it correctly. Hard name to mess up. LOL

    But now due to this so called “guide”, I’m even more confused about “FreelanceSwitch”. Sure, he just might have a pet witch, but if that’s true, then this is no more a “guide: than it is a “Audio Toot”. haha.

  • matthew c

    tuts doesn’t make sense. i can see you may have an aesthetic aversion via association to the proper pronunciation, but that doesn’t make it any less correct.

    regardless of what “toots” means to you (never heard of the baby farts thing personally), it shouldn’t result in officially stating that the most intuitive/logical pronunciation of tuts (as an abbreviation of tutorials), is incorrect.

    for the record i pronounce it “t-yew-ts”, because i am australian.

    • http://www.colourspace.net.au twisty

      I agree with Matt C here.
      I’ve used the abbreviation tuts ( t-yew-ts or chew-ts) since high school where it was common slang for tutorials (what my high school called after school classes for extended learning or help).
      Since Envato started in Australia I think i should be allowed to say it like that!
      Also Envato will start some new tuts sites including G’Day Tuts, Strewth tuts, and Bloody Bewty tuts.


  • http://unseenbattle.com John

    Hilarious. I literally laughed out loud at the “toots are baby farts” comment………. didn’t see that one coming………. LOL

  • Justin Stravarius

    ROFL. BTW there should be a guide for spelling too. It’s AppStorm and not Appstorm. 😛

    • http://envato.com Adrian Try

      Thanks Justin.Stravarius. I MisSed tHat oNe!!!

  • http://activeden.net/user/flashedge?ref=flashedge flashedge

    Funny guide. I’m having trouble with my nickname too… still most italians don’t know how to pronounce it. The word “edge” sounds like a sneeze. 😀

  • Sher Ali

    “Free-Lance’s-witch” hilarious :)

  • Joost

    Haha, the Active – Flash made me grin. Nice way to end it 😉

  • http://animatedcreativity.com Animated Creativity

    I am sorry I also used to say tuts as toots till now. Thanks for telling… “It’s tuts, like cuts, but with a t.” 😀

  • Raincutter

    TBH I pronounce it as ‘teuts’ rather than toots. And tuts (like cuts) doesn’t really look cool. But who cares. We can pronouce anything unless we’re in an Envato meetup. Beware peeps, if you pronounce them wrong in an envato meetup, these guys are gonna kick you out. 😀

  • http://placdarms.lv Placdarms

    beware of getting the badge “attended Envato meet-up and screwed up pronunciations”

  • Rebecca

    Cyan, what a great name!

  • http://www.designshack.co.uk Joshua Johnson

    To think, this whole time I’ve been pronouncing it “Mac” instead of “Mack.”

  • VF

    I didn’t know that and used to pronounce “en-vay-toe” :)

  • Billy

    It’s TOOTS. Period. If peeps don’t like their name being ASSociated WITH A FART, then maybe they should have thought twice before committing to that name. :)

    It’s kinda like how Disqus insists people say “discuss”. Fricken retarded.