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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

It’s great (and sometimes scary) to get feedback on your work. If you’d like to keep better tabs on your new item comments, ThemeForest author Taha Hesham (WizyLabs) created a great Chrome extension to help you do just that—Envato Comments Notification. In this post, we take a look at the extension and the response to it so far, and have a chat with Taha about it all.

About the Envato Comments Notification Chrome Extension

Here is the description of the extension in the Chrome Web Store:

An extension which alters your Envato marketplace account to add a count of the unread comments on your items.

Note that this extension is based on the comments feed provided by Envato which does not update instantly upon new comments added, therefore neither the extension will update instantly. But, it will check for new comments every 5 mins, so no need to keep refreshing the page :)

The extension will work on all pages on any Envato marketplace. It will mark the unread comments as read when you click the user name/balance button.

When Taha announced the extension in the ThemeForest forum, he received a great response, and lots of love. Way too much love…

  • This is incredible! Thanks for the great work on this! I love it! Awesome!!! :) (Reaper-Media)
  • I don’t use chrome, but may start to use it because of this ! :) :D (Duotive)
  • That’s like the most awesome thing I saw on ThemeForest this year (no offence, Envato staff) :inlove: (CMT)
  • Yay, no more F5! I love Wizy :D (Amatyr4n)
  • I love you. (Crozer)
  • Marry me :O (ThemeProvince)

The Envato staff love it too. Jordan says:

This is awesome! :D We’re making a mini site soon which will showcase awesome third party stuff like this! :-) Great work Wizy!

Sounds like a great idea, Jordan. I’m looking forward to seeing that.

A Chat With WizyLabs

I got to talk to Taha over email about his great achievement. Here’s what I learned:

What inspired you to write the Chrome extension?

Couple days ago, I found an extension on Dribbble that, in a way, customizes the shot’s page and adds extra data in using the Dribbble API. To be honest, I though it was pretty cool to be able to hack in a website’s layout and add stuff in through an extension.

The concept urged me to go and make a similar-functioning extension, so it took a bit of reading and testing, and I was able to make one. It was a bit challenge for me though as it was my first time ever to deal with chrome extensions and its architecture. The whole thing took about three hours to make and add to the Google web app store.

Are you thinking of improving the extension in any way?

Short answer is “Yes”. I still don’t have any absolute features to add in, but got few floating around like a tooltip that shows the newly added comments when the user clicks on the notification. The thing is, I want to keep that extension as usefully-simple as possible so it just works, no user configurations, just works.

Are you thinking of writing extensions for other browsers? Which ones?

Well, to be honest, I’m not thinking of writing extensions for any other browsers, at least in the meantime. But, if I would, I’d go with Firefox.

Do you have any ideas for other extensions/utilities you might create?

Ermm, I don’t have anything in mind at the moment, but I will think of some more on the go as I absolutely loved the experience of making such an extension and definitely like to try it again, soon.

You had a great response to the extension on the ThemeForest forum. What was your favorite comment?

All of them were awesome and absolutely loved them all. But, this one was more loved because it was a feature suggestion/enhancement too (cough *and “Gold star for wizylabs” *cough :D)

Thanks Wizy! What do you think of Taha’s extension? Let us know in the comments.

  • http://danielpaul.me Daniel Paul

    Awesome! :)

  • http://www.blog.mpcreation.pl mpc

    Awesome but I would like to see it in firefox ;O

  • http://dex-labs.com Ijaas Yunoos

    Dear Envato Dev Team,

    Could u add thee rss feed icon to items Discussions pages i know a feed for all files exists, its just troublesome for everyone to have to view the source to find it.

    Maybe u could add a feed icon next to the comment count and pagination on the discussions page.

    Also make the feed link back to the items discussions page, so the live bookmark works.

    This will make tracking comments extremely simple in any browser with live bookmarks or a feed reader.

  • http://dex-labs.com Ijaas Yunoos

    oops piece of code was removed from my comment.

    <link type=”text/html” href=”http://themeforest.net” rel=”alternate”/>

    <link type=”text/html” href=”http://themeforest.net/item-permalink-here/” rel=”alternate”/>

  • http://graphicriver.net/user/RafaelOliveira/portfolio?ref=RafaelOliveira Rafael Oliveira

    Awesome extension man!

  • http://justinscheetz.com Justin

    It’s definitely a great extension and very helpful.

    But guys come on, this incredible simple and basic piece of UI should be built into the marketplaces themselves. 😉

  • http://studynotes.ie/ Dani

    Nice work. Could come really handy :)