Cover Art New to AudioJungle!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

AudioJungle authors have a new feature to get excited about. We are proud to announce cover art for AudioJungle! This means that each audio track you upload can have an individual cover art thumbnail, instead of having the same profile image for all of your tracks. We think this is awesome and want you to get creative. Embrace the cover art image and personalise your tracks! The image must be 80X80 pixel and please remember to be aware of the assets you use.

How do I add Cover Art to my files?

To upload your personalised cover art, upload it as an ‘Optional Thumbnail’ in the section shown below.

Once you have uploaded your thumbnail and music this is what the upload box will look like.

What happens if I don’t want to upload cover art with my audio?

If you don’t upload a cover art image as an ‘Optional Thumbnail’ your profile picture will be the default image for your file.

How do I add cover art to my existing files?

You can add your cover art by clicking edit on your existing file. Please bear in mind that your file will be re-reviewed, and ensure that any cover art image you didn’t create yourself is properly licensed (see here for more information). If you are only updating a cover image and not the entire file please mention this is the ‘Notes to Reviewer’ section. Because there are many people who will want to update their files at once, we ask that you space out updating your tracks over a few weeks. This will mean that the AudioJungle review line wont be slowed down too much.This feature was requested by our community and we want to thank you for your patience while we made this change. We encourage all AudioJugle authors to go through their old uploads and update their tracks to include cover art.

  • Febby Tan

    Oh this is too awesome!

  • codemunkys

    … this is an awesome addition to the marketplace … i have just been sifting through all my old beats & pieces over the last few days and am about to lose my AudioJungle virginity!

  • Patrik Larsson

    Interesting! AudioJungle just became even more fun to browse 😀

  • Reuben

    Great news. Cover art always play an important role for music