Content Policy Review: ThemeForest Site Templates

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

contentpolWe’ve been posting regularly this year about our Content Policy and how to respect copyright in creating your Marketplace items. Some of our posts have been collected in this article so that you can find them more easily when you want a reminder about the tips we’ve been giving.

In March, we posted about our approach to authors who repeatedly don’t follow our Content Policy. We also did a high level review of the Graphic River print templates category. Thanks to our Graphic River authors who’ve worked to address issues we noticed in that review! Read on for some information about what’s happening next – a review of the ThemeForest site templates category.In June, we’re going to take a look at the site templates category in ThemeForest, as part of our ongoing process to help Marketplace authors understand their copyright and intellectual property obligations. As you probably know by now, authors have responsibility for their items, and copyright owners have responsibility to notify us if any Marketplace items infringe their rights, through the DMCA process. Although we can’t be copyright police and check all parts of all items for copyright and licensing, we have a discretion to reject or disable items if an obvious potential problem has been noticed. And we want to help our family of authors understand their obligations – this stuff can get confusing!

We’ll be taking a high level look at the site templates category, starting on June 18th. As with our previous review, we’re not ‘signing off’ on copyright issues but are just looking for obvious potential problems with items. A common misunderstanding by authors is about what assets can be used in their item previews. Remember, things like photos used in item previews must be properly licensed for commercial use. And of course, anything in the item download that is not your own work must be properly licensed for commercial re-distribution. See this article for more detail, and the links in this article for related information.

As always, take the time to review your existing items and think about this stuff for new items. We will exercise our discretion to ban authors who are repeatedly failing to respect other people’s intellectual property. And we will give some time to authors who are genuinely trying to understand and meet their obligations. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. For specific questions about particular items, contact support.

  • Luka Cvetinovic

    Good work Envato crew! Keep authors safe.