Community Superstar Winner – MotionRevolver

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Community Superstar MotionRevolver

With November wrapping up in a hurry it’s time to pick this month’s Community Superstar winner. November’s winner is a big time video geek. Congratulations to MotionRevolver!

Who is MotionRevolver?

When you first think of revolvers in motion your mind may go to legendary Hong Kong action movie director John Woo. That’s understandable. However, if you spend any time on the VideoHive forums, your next thought may be of legendary After Effects wizard MotionRevolver.

MotionRevolver, or as he’s know around the breakfast table – Tyson, joined VideoHive back in 2010 and been steadily pumping out some high-quality After Effects intros and titles.

Tyson hails from Boston, Massachusetts which is famous for its chowder, baked beans and of course the band that was named after the city – New Kids on the Block.

We’ve managed to round up a picture of Tyson as well. As you can see, Boston has yet to discover color:

Photo of MotionRevolver

And if you wondering what quality of work that MotionRevolver puts together – here are some of my favorites:

Project Mayhem

Full Capacity

Terminal Launch

Along with the ultra-cool gold superstar community badge (that only lasts for 12 months!), the prize this month is a 6 month Tuts+ premium subscription, a $30 Rockable ebook voucher and a $20 marketplace credit. Congratulations MotionRevolver!