Community Podcast Episode 14 Out Now!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Envato Community Podcast Episode 14 is out now! Our host Drew, Community Manager Jordan and new recruit Carmen, chat with John Barton our Dev chief, Travis King gives us a quick dip into what’s hot on the forums and Notes editor and Audiotuts+ genius Adrian Try joins us for a chin wag. Of course, in addition to the witty banter we have plenty of Marketplace news and updates including some exclusive podcast competitions so be sure to listen carefully!

Show notes below!

Episode 14 Show Notes


You can check out 3D Artist magazine online which has 3DOcean authors on the cover.
Head over to FreelanceSwitch and check out all the new stuff!
Do yourself a favour and listen to the sweet tracks of newly Elite AudioJungle authors timmcmorris and Soundroll

Travis’s Top Ten

Travis took us through some excellent plugins and Apps created by our Marketplace authors on Envato Extras. His picks of the month were Leaflet, ReplyPantry and Flux
The lovely intro and outro track for Travis’s Top Ten is bought to you by timmcmorris and is called “Straight to the Top, hey hey, hey”.

Interview with Adrian Try

Have a listen to our interview with Adrian and then head over to Notes and Audiotuts+ to see all his hard work. You can also have a look at his personal zoo.

Podcast Competitions

Don’t forget to be in the running to win $100 of Marketplace credit, head to the Podcast Competition Thread and post your answer under the Notes Post.
Envato’s Most Wanted: 20 x $100 prizes up for grabs in our $2,000 giveaway – we’re looking for WordPress e-Commerce plugins built for WordPress e-Commerce, WooCommerce, Jigoshop and Cart66. Runs between January 11 and February 11.

Question Time

If you have a question you want answered by the Envato Podcast team put it in the Podcast Question Thread and we’ll do our best to give you a good answer, if we can’t do it, we”ll find someone in Envato who can!
Jorge Araya: have you thought about translating some of your tutorials on tuts+??
“It’s definitely something we would love to do eventually, but translation takes a lot of time and it’s not viable right now. It is definitely something that we would like to aim for in the future though.”-Skellie Tuts+ Manager
CODEMUNKYS: well, I see that some freelancers & companies have dedicated their resources to producing marketplace items as a business model …was this part of the game layer that Envato seems to run on or was this an organic growth?
“Collis started FlashDen because he wanted to sell his flash files and saw a niche in the market, so the site was always meant for that purpose. I don’t think he knew that businesses would form around creating content for Envato, that is something that has happened naturally and is really fantastic”.Jordan McNamara Community Manager
Thanks for listening and don’t forget to tune in next time!:)

  • Travis King

    Great stuff! And, I didn’t sound like a total dweeb….I think.

    Question I have for Adrian. I can’t remember, but were you born in New Zealand? For some reason you sounded a lot like Murry from The Flight of the Conchords to me :)

    I don’t remember noticing that when you picked us up in Brisbane. Maybe it’s a Gold Coast thing? :)

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Travis

      I enjoyed your segment. Totally un-dweeby!

      My accent sounded stronger than I expected, too. It seems to change a little from time to time, depending who I’m hanging around. (It sounded a bit Canadian in my late teens…) The people in this neck of the woods have stronger accents.

      And I wonder whether working from home has an effect on accents. When I worked in an office I spent lots of time speaking to lots of people. Now I just sit at my computer…

  • D’zinc

    Podcast Competition Question, Episode 14: “What attitude does Drew have towards having embarrassing photos on Facebook?”

    He doesn’t post them, mainly to protect his privacy and preserve any future embarrassment when looking back.

  • D’zinc

    Podcast Competition Question, Episode 14: “What attitude does Drew have towards having embarrassing photos on Facebook?”

    He doesn’t post them, mainly to protect his privacy and preserve himself from any future embarrassment when looking back.

    As he puts it, “Anything I post on Facebook, I just consider it on the internet… would I be ok with this being everywhere all over the internet, and if I’m not ok with that, then I don’t post it.”

    • Carmen

      Yay D’Zinc! You champ! Looks like you are the lucky winner of $100 Marketplace credit! How easy was that!!

    • D’zinc

      Thanks Carmen, always a pleasure listening to the podcasts. Will definitely treat myself to a brand new PhotoDune collection, among other useful items.

      These podcast competitions are not only a great way to win prizes, including the awesome “won a competition badge”, but a sure and fun way to stay up-to-date with the marketplaces.

      The accents are simply priceless. Cheers.

  • mrcharlesbrown

    Congrats Dzinc!