Community Meetup, What a Night!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

It has been an exciting week for the Envato staff in Kuala Lumpur. After finally meeting many of their workmates for the first time (face to face) they were able to have a night out with some awesome authors and community members at the 2012 Meetup!

The night kicked off to a great start as authors arrived at the delightful Palate Palette and were welcomed by the team. The relaxed friendly vibe of the venue was perfect for the occasion. Staff and community members alike helped themselves to the food and drink, meeting new faces and industry professionals.

The games began with an icebreaker closely followed by the incredible Foosball Tournament. Our own Travis King was the referee (impartial of course) and had to stand strong in the face of the skills and shenanigans of the 12 competing teams.

It was a staff vs community final, with Team Tuts+ versing the Noobs, a guest team with a dirty secret. One member of their two man team was Malaysia’s second best Foosball player! It was this obvious talent that won the guests a home game. I’d like to say that Team Tuts+ will be back to play re-match next year, but Jeffrey Way and David Appleyard didn’t seem keen on revisiting a championship defeat!

As the hours sped by the venue buzzed with laughter, friendly conversation and some loud cheering from the Foosball table.

It’s difficult to pick a best part, but from the conversations had between staff and community members, the amount of laughter and an extremely competitive Foosball Tournament. I believe the night was a huge success.

For everyone who made it to the KL Community Meetup, thank you so much for coming. We had an incredible time all because of the wonderful people that made the effort to attend that it was such an extra special night.

If you didn’t get there this year, never fear. We are sure to have another community meetup in the future that you can come and party at! :)

There was a professional photographer roaming around on the night and our Flickr stream will be buzzing as we upload photos of the fun in the next week. Keep your eyes peeled for the community night photos!