Carbonmade Might Be the Online Portfolio App You’ve Been Looking For

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Are you looking for an online portfolio app? Web.AppStorm recently did an in-depth review of Carbonmade, and it’s worth looking at.

After the review, Jarel rates the app 9/10, and concludes with these final thoughts:

Carbonmade has certainly made great advances over the last year and is one of the best options out there for getting a portfolio online in a matter of minutes. It’s simplicity is refreshing, leaving you and your visitors to view and manage your work, which is the entire point of a portfolio. Beyond that, however, it’s incredibly easy to use—a necessary aspect for maintaining portfolios.

While I do love the simplicity Carbonmade offers, I also feel it’s lacking a few more options and perhaps design “oomph”. Perhaps I feel this way because their home page is so colorful and artistic, which I’d like to see a little of pushed into the app for users. However, the growth Carbonmade has experienced this last year may bring more of these desired features as the app continues to mature and develop. Either way, the Carbonmade has done a fantastic job of creating a killer simple and well functioning app.

Kudos to the Carbonmade team for their growth, success and fantastic app!

Does it sound like something you could use? Check out the review today.

  • Daniel Keller

    seriously? CarbonMade is limited on a free basis, you have to pay for it to get unlimited projects. what can I do with 5 projects?

    better check out Dropr and sign up for an invite, it’s free, it’s easily customizable, and you can post video, flash, pictures and audio, check it out >

    • Adrian Try

      It looks interesting, Daniel. Maybe the guys at Web.AppStorm could have a look at Dropr too.

  • Spencer Fry

    Why limit the number of projects in your portfolio?

    From Carbonmade’s co-founder, Dave Gorum: “Quality over quantity. I understand the desire to have a robust portfolio, bursting at the seams with gold star work. Fact is, the majority of folks can’t pull this off and it’s not something you can fake. A thin portfolio with a few solid pieces never turns me off. Looking through 20 ad banners does.”