Book Review: Successful Facebook Marketing

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

About a month ago we announced a great new ebook by our very own Skellie – “Successful Facebook Marketing”, subtitled “get fans, build your brand, get results!” If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, today we can give you a sneak peak at the book’s contents.

Travis King has read the book in full, and given a detailed review over at FreelanceSwitch. You’ll have to click that link to read everything he had to say, but here is a taste.

If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, then you need to read this book. Travis says,

If Facebook was ever going to come out with a user guide, this book would probably be it.

The book has helpful advice about how to make your page visually appealing. For example, the book says,

Even if your business is non-visual (for example, maybe you’re a freelance writer), I would still strongly suggest filling out your photo bar with five good photos.

A Facebook page with no followers is a poor marketing tool. Travis found helpful instructions in the book about getting liked.

Skellie puts her experience into action on how to get the ‘likes’ flowing by promoting yourself both on your website and other social networks like Twitter. From adding Like buttons to Activities Feeds, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to make it all happen.

He also found the book very well-rounded. He says,

After defining your goals in traffic and interaction, Skellie will take you through how to post content that dives traffic, encourages action and deepens relationships. All great stuff if you want to take your page beyond just what you had for breakfast.

I won’t quote Travis’ entire conclusion—you can read it for yourself—but here is how he sums up the book:

Successful Facebook Marketing is a great introduction to the world of Facebook. It’s well worth checking out if social networking is going to be a part of your freelance marketing efforts.

Read Travis’ entire book review for yourself on FreelanceSwitch. And the book itself is available from Rockable Press for $24 for the eBook and $29.99 for the paperback.