Better Branding- Part One

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

You can be the most creative, inspired person on the Envato Marketplaces but if you can’t market your products you won’t get the sales you deserve.

Recently threads have been appearing on the forums helping authors connect with each other on social media sites, like Twitter. Connecting with your fellow authors and buyers is an important part of the branding process. It allows you to be inspired by your colleagues, find out what your clients like and represent your products personally.

Social media is a powerful tool and the ability to present your brand globally with a simple click is an amazing opportunity. Creative people worldwide are embracing social media as a way to promote their work and the competition is fierce. There is one thing all our top sellers have in common and that is effective and creative branding.

Dont be a Twit make a Tweet!

Creating a direct communication channel with your clients enables you to provide better service. It gives you the ability to respond to queries and issues in a non formal and personalised way.

Interacting with your Followers gives you important feedback about what your buyers want and how you can deliver it.

Create a call to action for people to Follow you on your item pages and profile. This will help you to direct traffic to your Marketplace items and portfolio by using personalised Tweets. Encouraging people to Follow you means they will have access to more information about your products and items, whilst you can remain informal, personal and connected.

Tweet wisely, whether you are using your account for professional or personal purposes, use your Tweets for good, not evil! Post links to informative articles, things that inspire you and other peoples products. Internet smears are the worst smears of all, they remain forever in cyberspace so Tweet with care!

The most common reason authors don’t work on their brand is ‘lack of time’. Creating new designs is their main focus and often authors want designs to speak for themselves. Lets be honest, most people judge on face value, even if they don’t acknowledge it. Taking the extra time to create a consistent brand, a social media presence and an accessible profile could mean the difference between being an author and being an Elite author.

Effective marketing is not about being ‘big headed’ its about acknowledging your product and saying “I have something really different and creative to share, how can I give it the credit it deserves”. Creating designs and products takes time and energy, why wouldn’t you take the time to make the final touch?

Whether your Followers number in the hundreds or thousands, check out and Twitter Up Your Business for more information on how to brand yourself using Twitter.

Stay tuned for more in the Better Branding series…up next…Facebook.