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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

AudioJungle TRAX

AudioJungle is very pleased to have launched a brand new category today called TRAX!


What Is TRAX?

All music in the TRAX category is available for purchase for only $2 via a special Personal License which means it can be downloaded and listened to for personal use only – whether at home, at work, in the car, or basically anywhere and everywhere your mp3 player goes! The difference between TRAX and the rest of the AudioJungle library is that TRAX is NOT royalty-free music which means that it cannot be used in any kind of project.

The new TRAX category came about because we kept hearing customers tell us that they loved AudioJungle authors’ music so much that they wished they could purchase it for a lower price without the need for a royalty-free usage license. Simultaneously, AudioJungle authors let us know that they’d love to try some kind of music distribution service on AudioJungle so that they could easily upload and sell their music to their existing customers. So here we are!

Highlights so Far!

We’ve just launched TRAX with approximately 50 files and there are already some stand-out tracks resonating with AudioJungle customers! Here are just some of our favorite tunes at the moment after only one day of activity but as the weeks go by we’ll be sure to do another roundup for your listening pleasure!

Living It Happy by Khaili Conway, $2

First up we have Khaili Conway with the gentle and positive summer pop song Living It Happy. Combining sweet vocals with an optimistic melody, Khaili’s track could be the perfect anthem for you and your loved one this summer! Khaili has even produced a beautiful, care-free music video to accompany the exclusive AudioJungle track, see below. And if you’re wondering why Khaili’s track is being sold by AudioJungle legend Tim McMorris, it’s because Khaili is married to Tim! It would seem musical ability and creativity runs through the entire McMorris/Conway household!

It’s Got to Be by Melodality, $2

This is a sentimental and romantic pop ballad full of emotion and passionate lyrics. Written and performed by Melodality, who has produced some of the best selling business/corporate royalty-free tracks on AudioJungle to date, goes in a totally different direction with this beautiful and thoughtful ballad.

New Style by Hamditheone, $2

With extremely high production value comes New Style, an engaging and electric Dubstep track that is edgy, creative and raucous. Very stylish and very similar in style to UK rave legends TheProdigy, you’ve really got to check out the full version of this track to appreciate its genius!

Kill the Lights by DarkSunz, $2

This killer electronica track is a fusion of grimy beats and sweet vocoder pop resulting in a summer smash you won’t hear anywhere else other than on AudioJungle! Kill those lights and turn up this track!

Ode to the Fallen by garethcoker, $2

Beautiful and haunting vocals encapsulated in this phenomenal cinematic track by American composer Gareth Coker. Soft, gentle, yet will send shivers through your spine.

Coming Home by TimMcMorris, $2

We heard from Tim’s wife Khaili earlier in this post, so it seems poetic to finish the roundup with Tim’s first TRAX release, “Coming Home”. In what appears to be a 360 twist away from Tim’s usual celebrated upbeat numbers on AudioJungle, “Coming Home” is a more poignant and reflective number with a huge and memorable chorus that falls somewhere between The Beatles, ColdPlay and Embrace. Music like this should carry a warning as it will be stuck in your head for a long time!

More Tunes!

Unfortunately we only have space to feature a few tracks, there are many, many more first class tracks already available on TRAX. You can listen to more music by visiting the TRAX category on AudioJungle, or, you can listen via our music player below:

Reasons to Distribute Your Music via AudioJungle TRAX

There are numerous music distribution services around the world that allow musicians, producers and artists to sell their music. If you are wondering what advantages AudioJungle has to distribute your music compared to other services, here are just some of the reasons:

  • Real-time stats
    As soon as you sell a track, you can get notified! Instead of waiting months and months before you find out which of your tracks are selling or how many items you’ve sold or worse still – being charged extra to run sales reports – your item page will clearly show how many times your item has sold the second your music has sold! Furthermore, by using one of many Envato marketplace apps, you can track sales on your computer or on your mobile device without having to log into AudioJungle.
  • Monthly Payout
    Instead of waiting every 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, or even longer like some music distribution services, you can withdraw your profits on the same day each month (the 15th) as long as you have a minimum of $50 worth of profit in your account. More info here.
  • 800,000+ Members and Growing!
    The Envato network of marketplaces currently has over 800,000+ members, which means a LOT of exposure to your music. As all our sites are interconnected, we get a huge amount of traffic from people who are looking to listen to and purchase your creative, exciting, unique, poignant and/or outstanding music!
  • Competitive Rates
    If you are an Exclusive author and only sell/distribute your music via AudioJungle, you can expect to receive a minimum of 50% of each sale of each $2 item and a maximum of 70%, depending on your sales rate. So the minimum an Exclusive author receives is $1 on each item which is more than many of the numerous music distributors already out there. If you are a Non-Exclusive author and sell your tracks via numerous locations/Web sites around the world, you will receive 25% of each sale, so $0.50 from every sale. Full Payment Rate Information available here.
  • Referral Rate
    You will receive 30% of the first deposit from anyone you refer to your item who then deposits funds to their account. This is a quick and easy way to make regular income from simply referring customers from your personal site or Twitter/Facebook for example back to your AudioJungle items. Full Referral Rate info here.
  • AudioJungle Audio Player
    We offer a FREE, customizable audio player that you can embed on your own Web page that makes it very easy for listeners to listen to your AudioJungle music and then quickly purchase the item. You can even add your referral ID to make referral income from each new member you refer who deposits funds in their marketplace account!

More Information

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite track so far on TRAX, we’d love to hear from you as we celebrate the launch of our new category!



  • Adrian Try

    Great news, Scott. I’m totally impressed with the quality of those tracks. $2 is a great price, and I can listen to AudioJungle radio on the music player. Win!

  • Amanda Hackwith

    Wow. What an exciting launch! Congrats, Scott and the rest of the SMs! :)

  • marpies

    That’s very interesting! I’m curious how popular this category will get!

  • DM Themes

    Awesome idea AudioJungle, there are some really interesting tracks here!

  • keko

    It is very interesting. I want to know how to do this as well.
    Thank you.

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