An Incomplete List of Envato Addicts

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

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Do you find your mind wandering back to your favorite marketplace when you should be thinking about something else? Do your find yourself mindlessly raving about the new item your working on to people who don’t care? Do you come home from a party early so you can check on what’s happening on the forums? There’s a good chance your an Envato addict.

Don’t fret – you’re not alone. In the forum thread Are You An Addict? people have been confessing their addiction for weeks. “My name is Adrian, and I’m an Envato addict.”

There are 61 comments so far. Here is a selection of the more tragic ones.

  • I was just thinking i’m getting a bit addicted to GR, I come home from the pub early to see whats going on on here. (core3d)
  • The first step is admitting that you have a problem. :) (JeffreyWay)
  • It’s really terrible. I have a “F5” addiction… :D (Koev)
  • Jeffrey, I am a recovering envatoholic, and I would really appreciate it if you could support my efforts and hard life by featuring my and my items on the front page. Thank you! (crozer)
  • If you need help visit my group: anonymous envatolics. (BroOf)
  • Comments are so damn funny…….Aint helping but makes me feel im not alone, I did’nt leave the pub early tonight! On the road to recovery…………..NOT :-) (core3d)
  • Addicted is an understatement.. Envato holds together the very fibers of my existence. :smug: (thesecession)
  • I don’t know if you know this Joe Rogan, but I smoke Envato. (MarkBrodhuber)
  • I am grateful for this thread – I thought I was bad but it sounds like I’m not alone… I’m checking my stats constantly, and it’s gotten worse since I became iPhone enabled last year. On the plus side it makes boring work meetings much more interesting (I’m sure present and future employers don’t check this site, right?) (jhunger)
  • Addict? Nahh … I only check out my earnings every 5 minutes. (ThemesFever)
  • I think I’m going to start a clinic for recovering addicts, it’s going to be called either therapy forest or health river. (ToivoMedia)
  • I’m not an addict, but half a year ago i moved to an island where is no other possible way to earn money for me except online. Far from the civilization working for online sales, that’s my only chance to survive. This is my biggest trial in my life since now. If am an addict, then im an addicted survivor. Addiction of life. (dekurvajo)
  • Hi, my name is D’zinc, and I too, am an envatoholic. (Dzinc)
  • I mean looking at Envato forums and my Dashboard 30+ times a day is normal right? RIGHT? (Reachground)

This list of addicts is incomplete. So now it’s your turn. Put finger to keyboard in the comments section and ‘fess up. Are you an Envato addict?

  • Patrik Larsson

    Hi, I’m Patrik and I’m an Envato addict. Not only that, I’m proud of it! 😀

  • Kidando

    I see envato people

  • Vijay

    I check my earnings atleast 20 times a day.

  • chrismccoy

    this addiction needs a support group 😉

    I check envato more than facebook+twitter+tumblr combined 😉

    • John Doe

      I was once refreshing the earnings page when someone asked what I’m doing. “Watching the money grow”.

      It’s fun to F5 when you begin. The truth is, it makes much more sense to spend that time creating things.

  • Serge

    I’m trying not to check my GR dashboard more than few times a day…

  • Erick Ragas

    Iam not a addicted, but I put a rock over the F5. It’s OK?