Achieve More: VideoHive and AudioJungle Author Collaboration

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Together We Are by Mommy Peace

Eye-teasing motion graphics. Heart-moving music. They are a powerful combination, the two mediums complement one another.

You can post video or motion graphics on VideoHive without audio and customers will appreciate your work. However, video and motion graphics truly come alive when the right music is added.

Which is why more VideoHive authors are choosing to collaborate with AudioJungle authors. They are taking advantage of the amazing professional music already available on AudioJungle to help take their VideoHive projects to the next level.

By collaborating, VidoHive authors can use and promote AudioJungle tracks and AudioJungle authors can in turn promote VideoHive products in their item descriptions and portfolio profiles. These clever authors are marketing and promoting each other’s work. Here’s how you do it!

This is an update of an article originally published in June 2011. It has been updated to reflect a February 2012 change to the rules: Authors no longer need to seek permission to use watermarked previews.

How Can a VideoHive Author use AudioJungle Music?

  1. Locate an AudioJungle track that you would like to use. You can use a watermarked file in your preview without seeking permission. Note that you are not allowed to use/redistribute the preview or main AudioJungle file in the main VideoHive file that you are selling. Also note that watermarked previews can only be used within the Envato marketplaces.
  2. If you want to use an unwatermarked item you will need to purchase a regular license. If you wish to distribute the item, you’ll need to purchase an extended license.
  3. You can obtain the watermarked AudioJungle file by going to the AudioJungle item page and clicking the download link to download and use the watermarked preview file:

  4. Credit the AudioJungle author and link to their item in your item description. Something as simple as: “The music is not included with the item. However you can purchase it from AuthorName by going to [link].”

How Can an AudioJungle Author Collaborate with a VideoHive Author?

  1. Contact a VideoHive author you think could use your audio files. Make them aware that you are keen to collaborate, and let them know you would like to be informed when their items that use your music/audio go live on VideoHive so that you can help promote them.
  2. When the VideoHive item goes live, promote it on either your profile page or on any of your item pages. Use an image or a photo to grab the viewer’s attention—perhaps a screenshot of the item. This way more people will hear your work via the VideoHive item.
  3. Not only will the promotion and referral of the VideoHive author’s file help the VideoHive author, it will also expose new audiences to your music. And if the music fits video extremely well, it’s likely to increase sales of your AudioJungle item too!

And that’s it! A very simple, reciprocal process where you can work alongside a fellow author to maximize exposure for your work and portfolio.

Rules to Remember

Just to reiterate, here are the basic rules that should always be followed. They apply whether it’s a VideoHive author using an AudioJungle Author’s music, a WordPress template on ThemeForest using a VideoHive video preview, or an ActiveDen Flash template using music from AudioJungle.

  1. You don’t need to get permission from the author to use a watermarked preview, though you might like to let them know you’re using their file.
  2. Only include the watermarked preview.
  3. Only include it in the preview, not the main download.
  4. Link to the file in your description.
  5. State clearly that the file itself is not included in the main download.

Are You a Jack of All Trades?

But wait, there’s more!

If you are a “jack of all trades”, and you are creative and skilled enough to be able to produce music and your own motion graphics/videos, then you can “double dip“.

  • Use your own AudioJungle music in your own VideoHive items.
  • Cross promote your VideoHive items via your AudioJungle items that you use in your videos!

Here’s an author called Musicant who does just this!

Two Hearts by Musicant

Some Great Collaboration Examples

Here are some great examples of how AudioJungle and VideoHive authors are already working together to promote one another’s work.

Ex7Reme and TimMcMorris

Tablet Commercial on VideoHive by Ex7Reme

uses the track Give Our Dreams Their Wings to Fly by AudioJungle author TimMcMorris.

_Terry and Ron Passarro

Epic Digital Distortion on VideoHive by _Terry

uses the track Epic Action Trailer by AudioJungle author Ron Passarro.

Yocreative and Musicant

Slide Showcase on VideoHive by yocreative

uses the track Beautiful Worlds by AudioJungle author musicant.

Tginho and Beathebeat

Motion Profile on VideoHive by tginho

uses the track Just Wood by BeatheBeat.


If you are not already using collaboration techniques across the marketplaces to expose your work to the world, there’s no time to lose! Partner-up with one or more authors and start showing the world some of your hidden treasures in your portfolio!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve collaborated with another author from a different marketplace or if you’ve just read this article and are about to start a beautiful working relationship with a fellow marketplace member. We’d love to hear from you as always!

  • Adrian Try

    A big thank you to marketplace manager Scott Wills for doing a huge amount of preparation work for this article. :)

  • Raj Kuchibhotla

    Great article Adrian and Scott! Hope this inspires both AudioJungle and VideoHive users alike to collaborate and offer more creative solutions.

  • Placdarms

    I’m not just collaborating, I’m getting my inspiration from Audio Jungle items. Listen to the music, close your eyes and imagine your new VH project. Then jump into after effects and create it!

  • urbazon

    Yeah, it’s a great way of inter-marketplaces collaboration.

    Btw, does any of you VideoHive authors want to expand this collaboration with SFX too? :) I’d like to try that if anybody’s interested. 😉

  • ZtarZound

    Great article. Very much appreciated! :).

  • OhmLab

    Great post, Adrian! And excellent scouting, Scott! :)

    I have had some great conversations with VideoHive authors over the past year, and have collaborated with a few. I am always happy to not only allow VH authors to use my audio in their previews, but also offer to create specific sounds and music for their projects. This really is the best way for us to work together and show of the true potential of buying from the Envato network!

    If any of you VH authors want to give it a shot, feel free to message me directly to get started.


  • ZdenekHoub

    Very inspiring idea! Thank you Adrian and Scott.

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  • Reza, ProAudio

    Great post. Thanks, Adrian. Very helpful.

  • ArtMusic4life

    Yes, I would really like to collaborate with the authors Videohive!

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  • voytek pavlik

    Thanks for taking your time to post this article. I believe uniting people this way is important for both sides.


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  • mouhybm

    Thanks for the awesome article .
    Videohive authors are more than welcome to use my audiojungle items on them projects.
    If you use one of my tracks, give me a sign, I would like to see how they are being used! :)).

  • Carmen

    Good read!

  • Sam Speakman

    I’ve been trying to hunt down some Videohivers but can’t find any projects without existing music, any advice?


    • Adrian Try

      They may not have music for their next project yet. :) Try dropping in to the VideoHive forum and letting the authors know you’d love to collaborate.

  • Sam Speakman

    Cheers Adrian, I did that and got told off haha I put a link and described my work, with the aim of them knowing whether it may be suitable or not and I was told off for self promotion : /
    I just thought no one would check it out if I simply put, ‘I want to collaborate but can not disclose information about any of my music on here.’ I guess they’ve got to watch out for spammers.


    • Adrian Try

      Sorry for misleading you then, Sam. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the marketplace and forums.

    • Patrick A Thompson

      And that’s the thing.. Where’s the line between trying to collaborate with a VH user and ‘self-promotion’?

      It’s the same story – AJ user approaches VH user about collaborating – AJ user gets yelled at.

      I’m certain that VH users are simply flooded with this kind of thing, so I can only imagine the frustration..

      Surely there’s a solution somewhere?

  • Sam Speakman

    No worries Adrian :)

    Well I’ve had some success now from personally messaging different VideoHive authors, so I’d suggest that’s the best way I know of but still not ideal.

    I hope there’s a better solution Patrick, but I don’t know it yet!


    • Adrian Try

      Thanks for the update, Sam. If you ever find the magic formula, it will deserve a special post on Notes. :)

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