70% Commission All Week!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

To celebrate our birthday Envato authors are earning 70% commission all week!

From everyone at Envato we want to say a BIG thank you to all our Marketplace authors! It is because of your talent and passion that Envato is still going strong. Without you, our sixth birthday would never have been possible.

The 70% commission rate for all authors has already started and will run until the 1st of September. If you are thinking about buying an item from any of our Marketplaces, now is a great time to support our authors. :)

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    That’s brilliant … good on you Envato for continuing to support your authors. Great site and great content.

  • Roodper

    Envato rocks

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    Thank you!!!

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    great deal :) ,hope i will made some sales this week

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    Thank you, it feels so good to be on par with the top guys!

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  • Rushes

    Thank You , thanks for the support and this feels like a real inspiration ….

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    Thank you Envato :)

  • baramabeat

    Thank you so much!!! :-)

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    Great! Thank You! :)

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    Thank you for support, Envato !!! I’m happy that i’m part of all this !

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    Great news. Thank you envato!

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    Really a great idea! thanks Envato!

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    Great Envato!

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    Thank you Envato!

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    Thank you Envato! It’s really nice )

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    Thanks for the support Envato.

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    This is very nice of you Envato

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    Thank you ENVATO!!!

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    Brilliant!! Thanks for your support!


    Thanks :)

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    Thank you, that`s awesome! And happy 6th birthday Envato 😉

  • http://www.behance.net/franceschi_rene franceschi_rene

    Thanks a lot Envato :)

  • http://cgmagia.blogspot.com Rahul

    wow , this website looks awesome , i didnt know 3d modeler can earn upto 70 % per sell on this occasion .i came from an article and searching now i came to this part of website .i will join soon after completing 3d model car :)

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    Nice Envato, Thank you very much 😀

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    thats super, hope i sell something this days, :)

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    congratulations envato.

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    Great! Thank you!

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    Really great news! Thank You Envato :)

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    Thank you very much for your kindly support us!!!

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    Awesome! Again, happy birthday Envato and thanks for supporting us authors!

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    thats really awesome more income 😉 he he he

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    Happy B’day envato 😀

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    I got 2 sales with 79% commission rate . thanks Envato Happy Envato Birthday.

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    woww good news!!

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    Hi I’m Glenn AKA Crosshair2 I founded a large community and own a web hosting company Which is entirely built on ENVATO Author products They all definitely deserve much recognition for all their hard work Thank You.

    Happy Birthday ENVATO!

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    Thank you envato!!!:-))

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    Happy Birthday ENVATO!

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    Gee,I need to hurry up to add some more products up here.

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    WOW… You Guys ROCK!!

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    This is certainly going to be a great start if our first theme is approved into the marketplace soon enough :)

    Either way, this sounds like a fantastic incentive for the authors!

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    Happy Birthday ENVATO!

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    Happy Birthday! ENVATO!

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    only authors how about affiliates????!!!! :-)

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    Happy 6th Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Envato!!!!
    You ROCK!

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    Happy Birthday Envato!!!!
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    Many congratulations and Happy Birthday Envato !

    Great that you shared the success with the authors and thank you for the 70% this week :)

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    I’ve veen wondering since this morning why are my earnings increasing so rapidly :)

    Happy birthday and long live Envato !

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    Thanks Envato, it’s nice to feel “looked after” as a creator, and Happy Birthday!!!; Congrats on a prosperous 6 years of great content. :-)

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    Just make that 70% condition for ever, so everybody will enjoy :) Think About: Unity Asset Store and others 😀 – BTW i’m not an author i’m purchaser on envato network (with another name of course :))

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    Yay for an extended license sale on a normal priced item with 70% commissions! Thanks envato, it’s really pushing this month above and beyond.

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