7 Rules for Making More Happiness

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Over on the Tuts+ Premium blog, Skellie has listed 20 Must See TED Talks for Creatives. This is one of them.

“Using simple, delightful illustrations, designer Stefan Sagmeister shares his latest thinking on happiness — both the conscious and unconscious kind. His seven rules for life and design happiness can (with some customizations) apply to everyone seeking more joy.”

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    I felt like watching a dozen videohive intros or someones motion graphics portfolio. Much attention spent on presentation instead of subject clarity, btw TED works that way only.

  • http://www.how-to-be-happy-again.com How-To-Be-Happy-Again

    Very interesting and entertaining video! I’m considering to start using a diary again. Thanks!