100% GPL Option Now Available, plus WooThemes Arrives!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

We’re happy to announce today that authors on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon can now choose to license their WordPress items through a 100% GPL option. To help us launch this new feature, we’re excited to have one of the most well known and respected theme outfits joining ThemeForest’s ever growing library — WooThemes!

Here’s How It Works

To start using the 100% GPL option authors first need to opt in from their author settings page. After doing this, they’ll see a checkbox on the upload and edit item forms in relevant categories. Checking this box will switch the license for that item to 100% GPL. At this stage, once an item is switched over, it cannot be switched back to the split license.

Items offered under 100% GPL will be marked as such, and won’t have an extended license option. Buyers will technically purchase a regular license but the wording of the license and FAQs has been updated to accommodate 100% GPL items where applicable.

We’ve also improved the upload process — WordPress themes and plugins no longer need to manually include the license and Read-Me files in their upload, as they’re automatically added.

Today we’re launching this option only on WordPress-related categories. Our next step is to take the feature to all other GPL-based categories such as Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, OS Commerce and Zen Cart. Authors in those categories will get this option in the coming weeks.

WooThemes Joins ThemeForest

I’ve been a big fan of WooThemes since their inception. They have been consistently at the forefront of WordPress theming and business, have helped move the whole industry forward, and beyond that are just a really nice group of smart, talented designers and developers.

Adii and I have spoken on and off for years about getting the WooThemes portfolio onto ThemeForest. I’m extremely excited to announce that they are our launch partner for the 100% GPL feature!

We’re very excited to be working with ThemeForest to be one of the first 100% GPL partners and also to reach a brand new audience for our themes.

– Adii, Founder and CEO of WooThemes.

Over the next few days, you’ll see the WooThemes library start to appear on ThemeForest. Now, if I can just convince Adii that WooThemes should go exclusive. 😉

More about the 100% GPL Option

More details on opting into the 100% GPL options are available over on the Knowledgebase. If you have any questions, head to this forum post. It’s the best place to go if you have questions regarding Marketplace items or categories, or how the GPL will work.

  • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

    Today is a very exciting day! 😀

    • http://find.brentshepherd.com Brent Shepherd

      It certainly is!

      Thanks for providing the choice to go 100% GPL Collis. You too Japh, I’m sure you had a hand in it. :)

      I’m already looking at how to get involved in the Envato eco-system now that I can do it being fully GPL.

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Fantastic, Brent! Would be great to see you on the marketplaces 😀

    • http://www.sennza.com.au Bronson Quick

      Massive news is massive! 😀

      I think it’s great that Collis has provided this option. Now we can start listing our WordPress themes on there without having to worry about the WordCamp guidelines!

      Props to you Japh for your work along the way with this!

  • Jordan McNamara


  • http://graphicriver.net/user/candeed candeed

    WooThemes has joined Themeforest ? Very exciting!

    (Hail to the Ninjas..)


    Congratulation all for these good news.

  • http://oktm.es/onenvato Mike McAlister

    Huge congrats to the Envato team and everyone involved in making this happen!

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Thanks, Mike! It’s a pretty huge deal, and we’re excited about it :)

  • http://mintthemes.com Adam Pickering

    Great news Collis! Glad to see that your giving authors the option of selling themes under the 100% GPL licence.

    We will be converting all of our themeforest items over to the 100% GPL option as we’ve been 100% GPL on our own site since we started our business :)

    This opens up a lot of doors for us and other authors on themeforest!

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Fantastic news, Adam! Also, congrats on Fundify, it seems to be doing well

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  • http://www.premiumwp.com/ Jonathan

    It’s great to see authors now have the option to sell with a 100% GPL license. Well done. I’m sure this will please many authors as well as buyers.

  • http://mark.mcwilliams.me/ Mark McWilliams

    Great, that’s very exciting indeed! :) Congrats all those involved!

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Thanks, Mark! 😀

  • http://thewebprincess.com Dee

    Full Marks!! Glad to see this Collis, thanks for listening to the community. :)

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Looks like the community is very welcoming of the change! Great to see :)

  • http://volatylthemes.com Sean Davis

    Well this definitely changes a few things. I was going to stay away just to avoid the unnecessary drama but with this change, I just might have to see about getting my framework on here. This is good news!

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Sounds great, Sean! We’d love to have you!

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  • http://www.wpsquare.com/ Bharath

    Good News! Now authors can sell with 100% GPL license and glad to see WooThemes around. Thanks for listening to the community feedback.

  • http://wpthemesdaily.com Robert

    What a great day for WordPress lovers and those support GPL 100% :)

  • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

    Awesome news! I’ve been a longtime fan of WooThemes and (obviously) ThemeForest, so this is great all around!

  • http://premiumwptheme.info Dhaval

    I’m very exciting…

    Congratulations WooThemes..

  • http://www.wordpressfuel.com Amzee

    good news. Much awaited.

  • http://myows.com Max

    Thats really great news Collis – Good move Monsieur…

  • http://loopnote.co Imran

    I have been fan of both woothemes and their member since before the creation of woothemes club. When Adii and Magnus were working on premiumtheme like that.

    They have been fantastic. However there are times, when I can’t find a theme that suit and individual work on woothemes – this is where i love themeforest. You can find one for any specific need.

    So I guess, woothemes joining themeforest will be goods news for the community and it will help each other.

  • http://foxinni.com Foxinni

    Nice work team!

  • http://alisonfoxall.com Alison Foxall

    Wow! Now I can finally become a WP theme author here! Thank you for making this happen!

  • http://auroral.co.uk Timothy Bowers

    Ohh, now this is rather exciting! :)

    It’s great to see you listened to the many voices out there wanting this.

    Will be interesting to see where all the Automattic, WordCamp and Envato debates go now :)

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Thanks, Timothy! It sure is exciting.

      Hopefully this means there are no more debates, and ThemeForest / CodeCanyon authors can participate in WordCamps as much as they like! :)

  • http://themeforest.net/user/WiniThemes Winithemes

    Good news, but there is always a certain confusion with GPL, maybe you can clear this out, especially for the end-users. P.S. Welcome Woothemes :)

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  • Carmen

    Hi Winithemes,

    Do you have a specific question you’d like us to answer?

    Let us know :)

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  • Charles

    Is there a way to search for 100% GPL? If a wordpress item is listed without ‘extended license’ under the purchase button, is it automatically 100% GPL or does it have to indicate it? Please claify.

    • http://wp.envato.com/ Japh

      Hi Charles,

      At the moment our search engine doesn’t provide a way to search by license. Though you could use a Google Site Search to find items that are 100% GPL.

      Items without an Extended License are not automatically 100% GPL. Only where indicated with “This item is licensed 100% GPL.”

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  • http://www.book-tours.com Joe Jenkins

    This is great news and it means I’ll be more likely to buy themes. I’m already a Woo club member, but it’s great to see them join the site.

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  • David

    The problem is still twofold.

    Firstly, with a 100% GPL, a user could take the theme and sell it legally.

    Secondly, woothemes are horrific to say the least. When I was with them 2 years ago, I would wait 7 days for a reply to support issues. Their staff did not know about the themes they supported. The worst part was that WooThemes told me that when they test their themes they do so on a server that hides all errors and they do not check the error log. This was their explanation as to why some of their themes failed and caused errors to be logged. The only solution was to disable errors. It was at that point that I obtained a full refund from them and went to themeforest.

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  • http://www.varmareview.com/ varmareview

    hai ! you people exited themes regularly … rocks !

  • http://templendo.com/ Josh

    Amazing feature.