10 Opportunities to Improve at Social Media Marketing Right Now

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This is a community service announcement to all marketplace authors. Don’t forget that you are your own marketing manager!

I know that can be easy to forget. Marketing isn’t your passion. It’s not your expertise. It might even make you quite uncomfortable.

But it’s your job anyway. And one of the best ways to market your items is through social media.

If the thought of marketing leaves you deflated and unmotivated, remember that this is Orman Clark Day. Congratulations, Orman! There’s nothing like a bit of success to get you motivated – even if it’s someone else’s success. If Orman inspires you, I can give you one million reasons why you shouldn’t give up on marketing.

But where do you start? With a small step. Here are ten articles from Envato Notes where we’ve talked about social media marketing in the past. Take a look through the list, and choose one small thing that you can do today to advance your marketing. And then pick one larger thing that you can do this week, or this month.

Then let us know in the comments what you’ve decided, and how you went.

Take a deep breath, and dive in!

1. General Articles

Top Marketing Strategies – Author Interview Roundup

This week we posted our 50th author interview. That’s a huge milestone—for cricket players it’s a half century. Thanks to all of the authors who have been interviewed. Not only is it interesting reading, it has also become a useful pile of raw data that I’d like to start digging into. This week we’ll look at the question, “What do you do to market your files?”

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Are You Socially Engaging? The Life of the Party? Need Help?

Do you identify with the word “geek”? Do you resemble any of the characters in that classic movie, “Revenge of the Nerds”? Has anyone ever labeled you as “socially awkward”?

Hopefully not! But since many of us work from home, it may be that our social skills aren’t getting the practice that they need. Given that social media is a major marketing strategy for most of us, I thought you might appreciate some pointers!

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On FreelanceSwitch: How to Use Great Testimonials, Once You Get Them

If you do any sort of freelancing work, testimonials are a powerful way of marketing your business. Are you making the most of the testimonials you’ve collected?

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2. Twitter

Better Branding- Part One

You can be the most creative, inspired person on the Envato Marketplaces but if you can’t market your products you won’t get the sales you deserve.

Recently threads have been appearing on the forums helping authors connect with each other on social media sites, like Twitter. Connecting with your fellow authors and buyers is an important part of the branding process. It allows you to be inspired by your colleagues, find out what your clients like and represent your products personally.

Social media is a powerful tool and the ability to present your brand globally with a simple click is an amazing opportunity. Creative people worldwide are embracing social media as a way to promote their work and the competition is fierce. There is one thing all our top sellers have in common and that is effective and creative branding.

Dont be a Twit make a Tweet!

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30 Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

We’re been saying this for a while now—and most authors we’ve interviewed agree—social networks are a great way to get the word out about your items. Especially Twitter.

But how do you do that exactly? We’ve scoured through blogs, forums, and tweets, and come up with a list of 30 ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

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3. Facebook

Make Your Brand Better with Facebook

Using social media to connect to your client base has become the craftiest way to market and communicate your brand, take over the world style. In Better Branding Part One we discussed the benefits of connecting with your clients via Twitter. The next step in your social media empire is to create a Facebook page for your business.

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25 Ways to Use a Facebook Page for Marketing

Social networks are a great way to market your items. And many marketplace authors we have interviewed are using a Facebook page as part of their strategy.

So how are authors using Facebook? As a follow-up to our article on Twitter, I scoured through dozens of marketplace authors’ pages to find out. There is a lot of variety out there!

Here are 25 ways to use a Facebook page for marketing.

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Book Review: Successful Facebook Marketing

About a month ago we announced a great new ebook by our very own Skellie – “Successful Facebook Marketing”, subtitled “get fans, build your brand, get results!” If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, today we can give you a sneak peak at the book’s contents.

Travis King has read the book in full, and given a detailed review over at FreelanceSwitch. You’ll have to click that link to read everything he had to say, but here is a taste.

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Supercharge Your Facebook Page with these 30 Top Apps

Facebook is a great way to make contacts. In our author interviews, most authors have Facebook as a central part of their marketing strategy.

Take a careful browse through this list to see which tools are a good fit for your page and business. Please let us know in the comments which ones you found useful.

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4. YouTube

How to Use YouTube to Generate Referrals

YouTube is a popular place people gather to discover new things. Why not give them the chance to discover your marketplace items. Some authors are using YouTube to effectively generate referrals. Let’s take a look at some examples.

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    I usually use twitter and facebook for my social marketing. I think it can reach around 80% user. For youtube, I use for upload my videos to reduce bandwidth of my site.

  • http://www.wisestep.com Jemma Taylor

    Great tips! I’m sure it will help a lot of new bloggers and small business owners integrate their blogs and social media networks better. Thanks for sharing!!