Introducing Flowtorch, a Web App Built from Marketplace Items!

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Introducing! It’s 100% free!

Quite recently, I’ve stepped up my online business a little, increasing my sales on here, increasing my eBay sales, and really increasing my client work – not to mention my day job too. The problem I became faced with was having multiple streams of finance and losing track of what cash came from where.

I didn’t want to sign up to paid financial management services, and I didn’t want to sign up to services like Mint, who’d have the banks sending me offers and such like.

I also wanted something simple, without all these options to manage investments and crap like that.

So I thought I’d see how well I could do it myself, using items from the Marketplaces to help me out. So what can you do with Flowtorch?

  • Manage multiple sources of finance
  • Add scheduled & recurring transactions
  • Manage multiple accounts e.g Business account, Personal Account
  • Categorise Transactions
  • Upload & attach files to transactions (up to 100mb currently)
  • Add unlimited users
  • Download monthly statements (XML form currently)

Here is the credits list as promised to authors (a lot of whom helped out)

In no particular order

You won’t see all of them working on the site right now, some are obviously in the background.

One of the reasons I post this is I think it makes a great case study of how the Envato Marketplaces can help you scratchbuild something quite useful, in next to no time at all!

I hope you enjoy using, if so, a friendly blog post wouldn’t go amiss ;)

  • quickandeasy

    Wow, thanks for posting this!

    It’s worth mentioning I have a bucket full of improvements & refinements to add, as well as a couple of nice little features :)

    Thanks guys!

  • Adrian Try

    You’re welcome quickandeasy. Thanks for creating it – it looks incredible!

  • Sam Lanning


    This looks like an awesome app… I may give this a go!

  • Rafael Oliveira

    Great Job mate :)

  • quickandeasy

    Cheers guys ;-) It’s worth saying that it is currently very bare bones! I have lots to add & refine :D

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  • Patrik Larsson

    Love the look of this App, will probably try it out soon enough!

    Great work on this! :)